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Moments of the Game: Clemson at Syracuse

Alright, let's just get this over with

NCAA Football: Clemson at Syracuse Gregory Fisher-USA TODAY Sports

Wow. Well, that wasn't fun. After a rough Friday the 13th, we're now #7 in the nation and second to NC State in the Atlantic Division. But, everything is still on the table for the Tigers, as we saw last year after the Pitt loss. There's just less margin for error now. But, instead of lamenting on what all went wrong Friday night, let's take some time to check out the a few moments that went right(ish).

That's a pretty nice scoop and score and at the time looked like a huge shift in momentum for Clemson. This was Tanner Muse's second career touchdown. His first came last year against, you guessed it, Syracuse. Muse was subsequently hit with an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. First he pretended to chug the ball like a beer.

Pretty funny. Nothing wrong there. Then he pretends to wipe his mouth or does a throat slash. It could go either way, but the stick in the mud ACC officials decided it was a slash and threw the flag.

I don't understand why the NCAA is so over the top on the throat slash celebration, but they are, so for all players, just don't do it. Even if you aren't intending on doing it, just avoid quick motions in the face/neck area. It's just not worth the automatic 15 yards.

Now, let's check out Hunter Renfrow doing Hunter Renfrow things and making a spectacular catch.

That's just incredible. I mean, the ability to hang on to that ball and keep it from hitting the ground is outstanding. Renfrow had a solid game with five catches for 64 yards.

So, now we get a much needed bye week where hopefully the team can get some rest and begin preparing for Georgia Tech and the option. Hopefully Kelly Bryant gets well soon and we can put this game behind us.