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Clemson vs. Wake Forest: 4th Quarter Film Review

NCAA Football: Wake Forest at Clemson Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

The 4th quarter saw Clemson extend their lead to 28-0 with freshman QB Hunter Johnson under center. After a quick 3 and out by Wake Forest the Tigers quickly scored to take a commanding lead. But the Demon Deacons fought back with 2 unanswered touchdowns before Clemson was able to secure the victory.

Wake Forest started the first full drive of the quarter by going 3 and out pretty quickly.

Wake Ball, Wake 6, 14:02

Down & Distance Formation Play Analysis
Down & Distance Formation Play Analysis
1st and 10 Nyles Pinckney sacks Hinton for 2 yard loss This was a coverage sack here. Hinton couldn't find anything and the DL collapsed the pocket. Pinckney was just the first guy to get to him.
2nd and 12 Hinton throws an incomplete pass to Washington Hinton went for the deep throw but Tanner Muse was in perfect position. The ball was pretty much thrown perfectly but Muse did a beautiful job here, no PI and tipped it away
3rd and 12 Hinton goes for two in a row with an incomplete pass to Bachman Hinton rolled out rather quickly and Clemson's defense was able to pressure him. It looked like everyone was covered but Hinton didn't have a chance to set his feet and the throw was never going to work

Clemson got the ball and we got a chance to see why Hunter Johnson is so well thought of. The offense just seemed to hum on this drive. And it didn’t hurt that we got to see the Johnson to Higgins connection a few times. Don’t cry Tennessee fans, just remember that you are the Champions of Life. No one can ever take that away from you.

Clemson Ball, Wake 32, 13:05

Down & Distance Formation Play Analysis
Down & Distance Formation Play Analysis
1st and 10 False start on Clemson Anchrum flinched here, silly mistake.
1st and 15 Hunter Johnson completes a pass to Tee Higgins I'm going to get used to saying Johnson completes a nice pass to Higgins. I'm ok with that one. A nice easy completion outside for Johnson to get going
2nd and 6 Johnson hits Higgins again for the first down. A quick out route and Johnson makes the read to hit Higgins
1st and 10 Johnson goes for his third completion in a row, this time to TJ Chase A quick screen to the far side here and chase fights for some yards. This was decently blocked and Johnson gets the ball out wide much more quickly.
2nd and 5 Johnson throws to Cannon Smith right down the middle for a TD to give Clemson a 28-0 lead Smith snuck out into the seam for an easy TD. He held like he was going to block and then just wandered up the middle. Wake didn't even see him, both LBs were expecting the run and got fooled.

Wake Forest finally scores, and the disappointing part of this drive is that Clemson had 2 opportunities to get off the field on 3rd down but couldn’t do it. That’s where this defense normally thrives and they didn’t here.

Wake Ball, Wake 22, 11:30

Down & Distance Formation Play Analysis
Down & Distance Formation Play Analysis
1st and 10 Hinton scrambles for 7 yards Hinton felt the pocket collaps and it looked like Joseph just took a bad angle to make the tackle.
2nd and 3 Hinton runs for another 2 yards Hinton just found what he thought was a hole but it closed quickly
3rd and 1 Hinton keeps the ball again and gets the first down Disappointing here to see Clemson's DL get no push on this one
1st and 10 Xavier Kelly gets to Hinton and makes the sack Kelly does a great job here. He gets past his man just as Hinton hits the escape button. But Kelly gets just enough of Hinton to trip him up.
2nd and 12 Hinton completes a pass to Byrd to set up 3rd and short Hintonthrows out into the flat and it looks like Terrell missed the first tackle
3rd and 3 Once again Wake converts the third down with a 7 yard pass to Hines Hinton rolls out to the right and does well to hit the open man on the out route.
1st and 10 Hinton finally throws an incomplete pass. Clemson got pressure here and Hinton just sort of chucked it away before anything could develop
2nd and 10 It is the Hinton Show on this drive as he scampers 37 yards into Clemson territory Hinton does an excellent job of faking the handoff to get Kelly to hold his position on the edge. Then Clemson busted on a few tackles and that's all Hinton needed
1st and 10 Hinton throws a TD to Washington Hinton once again showed a nice awareness to kep the ball and this time he suckered Clemson's secondary. Washington just sort of meandered into a hole.

Clemson gets the ball back and just turtles a bit. 3 plays to burn the clock before an abysmal punt and decent return gives Wake Forest some good field position.

Clemson Ball, Clemson 25, 8:32

Down & Distance Formation Play Analysis
Down & Distance Formation Play Analysis
1st and 10 Feaster chews up 3 yards The left side of the OL got a bit of push and Feaster followed it for a little gain.
2nd and 7 Johnson throws to Rodgers who is able to get 5 yards and make it 3rd and short. This was beautiful and dangerous. Johnson threw this out wide quickly without looking, but he put enough touch on it that the DB jumping the route was under the throw.
3rd and 2 Feaster is only able to get a yard here and Clemson is forced to punt. Absolutely no push from the OL here and Feaster couldn't do anything.

Wake takes the ball and makes several big plays to drive down to the red zone. Their drive stalls for a bit but on 4th down they are able to make a pretty easy throw for a TD.

Wake Ball, Wake 40, 6:24

Down & Distance Formation Play Analysis
Down & Distance Formation Play Analysis
1st and 10 Hinton completes a 26 yard pass to Freudenthal Freudenthal got past the CB and Hinton dropped a nice pass in before the safety could get over to help.
1st and 10 Hinton again makes Clemson pay with his legs for a 17 yard fain Hinton is absolutely tremendous at any sort of RPO or zone read. Once again he keeps it at the last second after Clemson's DL commits. A wide open hole up the middle makes it easy
1st and 10 Hinton runs around but he's dropped for a 2 yard loss, finally. Hinton kept this one in a designed run but Clemson's horizntal speed is too much for him.
2nd and 12 Clemson can't make the most of this with a penalty for 12 men on the field. ERRRRRRRGGGGGG Stupid penalties
2nd and 7 Hinton completes a 2 yard pass, giving us 3rd and 5. A little shovel pass here but Clemson is all over it. The Wake OL really can't get to the second level at all in this one
3rd and 5 Clemson gets a stop here but Wake has to go for it on 4th down. Muse came up in run support but Wake was just a little more physical on this run
4th and 2 Hinton powers his way forward for the first down. Wake's OL did well to give Hinton enough room here. He faked the throw and then ran off tackle for just enough.
1st and Goal Colburn takes the handoff but only gets 1 yard Colburn cut back to the left but he hesitated when he saw a few Clemson defenders. If we went quicker he may have had a few yards.
2nd and Goal Hinton throws an incomplete pass to Washington Hinton rolls out and throws to the pylon but excellent coverage by Terrell. Beautiful job
3rd and Goal Wake Forest is called for the false start Even if some students are MIA it can still get loud.
3rd and Goal Hinton throws another incomplete pass toWashington Trapp should have had the pick here. The rush made Hinton throw off his back foot and Trapp got his head around, but he couldn't get back in time to catch it.
4th and Goal And then Hinton completes one to Serigne for a TD to cut the lead to 28-14 This was not pretty. It looked like one of the LBs either didn't follow the TE or Muse didn't see him in time, not sure which. Either way an uncharacteristic miss by Clemson's defense.

Clemson gets the ball back and is able to close this one out for a 28-14 win.