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Clemson vs Wake Forest Players of the Game

6-0, baby

NCAA Football: Wake Forest at Clemson Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

There's not much to say about the game. The only headline coming out was that Kelly Bryant hurt his ankle. Hopefully, he is either healthy enough to play for some (or all) of the game this Friday at Syracuse or the coaches just decide to hold him out if he isn't needed.

Offensive Player of the Game: WR Hunter Renfrow

Renfrow was steady once again for the Tigers. His 6 catches for 61 yards were all team-highs, but the stats don't tell his whole story. His role in the offense is so important. When Clemson needs a first down, he's always the one guy you can count on to make a play and get the yardage needed. He also rarely drops the ball. He's one of the most important players on offense, and he may be the most important reciever as Bryant's go-to guy. There may not be a more dependable player in the country than Hunter Renfrow.

Defensive Player of the Game: CB AJ Terrell

I love seeing AJ Terrell getting meaningful snaps. His presence and availabilty in the secondary is so important for the depth of the defense, especailly at the CB position where there have been quite a few injuries this season. He played extremely well in coverage on Saturday, as did the rest of the secondary for the most part. His emergence has been exciting to watch, especially since he came in this year as one of Clemson's highest ranked recruits in the 2017 class.

Overall Player of the Game: Hunter Johnson

Really happy to see HJ get into the game and do so well. You can tell his confidence has grown over the season, and he looked like Clemson's backup quarterback on Saturday. I know he only played for one series, but going 5/5 and throwing the first touchdown of his career was pretty good for so little action. None of his throws were amazing, but his arm looked strong enough and his accuracy was exceptional (especially on the throw to TJ Chase, a screen pass that was on target!). It was great to see Hunter prefrom so well, especially since he came into this year with some very high and expectations. Congrats to Johnson on his first career score; let's hope he can continue with his success if he has to play this Friday night.


Who was Clemson's player of the game against Wake Forest?

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    AJ Terrell
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    Hunter Johnson
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  • 45%
    Hunter Renfrow
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    Other (add in the comments)
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