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Moments of the Game: Clemson at Virginia Tech

The Tigers gobbled up the Hokies 31-17. Let's review some of the top moments from this outstanding win

Clemson v Virginia Tech Photo by Michael Shroyer/Getty Images

And just like that, your Clemson Tigers are 5-0. No combination of heavy metal music, fireworks, or "maroon outs" could intimidate Clemson as the Tigers looked comfortable picking up win number three against a top 15 opponent. For our first feature moment of the game, lets move ahead to a little under 9:00 left in the 3rd quarter. The Tigers led 17-3 and were knocking on the door down in the Hokie red zone. On second and goal, Kelly Bryant appeared as we would be sacked for a loss, but Bryant had something else in mind.

Slippery. That only counts as a one yard run in the stat book, but it gave the Tigers third and goal at the 4 instead of third and goal at the 20. Two plays later, Tavien Feaster punched it in to put the Tigers up 24-3.

Next, let's look at this glorious defensive play with a little under five and a half minutes in the third quarter. Facing a 4th and 3, the Hokies elected to go for it. Brent Venables saw something he didn't like and called a timeout. Apparently, the Hokies thought they had something so clever that Venables and the Tiger D would NEVER think to figure it out.

YOU THOUGHT WRONG, VATECH! Venables recognizes the Hokies sending a tight end out wide to try to create a blocking mismatch against our cornerback, so he calls a timeout and moves Austin Bryant out there. Did the Hokies think to change? Nope, they ran it anyway and got stuffed. Even Rob Spence is shaking his head at this one.

And finally, I know this is what you came here for. Dorian O'Daniel doing what he does best. Another primetime road game, another pick six.

Beautiful. It bounces right off the receiver's head and into Dorian's arms. This reminded me of the old video game NBA Street: Vol. 2 where players could do the "off the heezay" move and bounce the ball off a defenders head.

O'Daniel has been a great surprise this season and played a phenomenal game against VaTech. Which is kind of crazy considering we knew he was pretty good last year in limited action. Hopefully this isn't the last time we see number six go for six.