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Clemson Tigers vs. Alabama Crimson Tide: How To Watch, Online Streaming, TV Schedule

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Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

60 minutes, the amount of time standing between Clemson and a second national title. Last year Clemson made it through 49 of those 60 minutes. Then an onside kick and a couple touchdowns later Clemson was heading home disappointed.

This year Clemson gets a second chance. Despite early departures on defense and an underperforming OL the Tigers have made it back to the national championship. Their opponent, an Alabama team that may not be as talented as last year but with the emergence of a dynamic QB they could be more dangerous. Clemson is going to have to play perfectly in this one, even more so than last year and that won't be easy.

Oh and just in case you forgot, 60 minutes, the amount of time Deshaun Watson is still Clemson's QB. Enjoy every last one while you can.

As always join us in the comments below to discuss this one. In Dabo We Trust.