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Clemson vs. Alabama 2017, College Football Playoff Championship Game Prediction

Bowl Game results and National Title Game picks!

NCAA Football: CFP National Championship-Features Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Happy New Year everyone! Well, here they are, the cumulative results after most of bowl season and the bowl season results:

In the cumulative scoreboard:

With one game remaining to pick, the overall title is going to come down to clemsonHobo or RamblinTiger. Clemson Caniac made a late push with a great Bowl performance, but wasn’t able to make up enough ground.

For the bowl games:

Hm, with one game remaining we have Clemson Caniac at the top. TigerArmy87 and The Argonaut have a chance to catch him, which means they need to guess who Clemson Caniac is going to pick and then pick against him for the tie. What happens in the event of a tie? Uh, I actually don’t know, I think I only have one prize to give for this. I’m just going to hope Caniac wins!

As for my pick, I’m going to go with Clemson. I know I’m tempting fate by picking Clemson, but I think I just have to go for it. If Clemson can play like they did against Ohio State, I think Clemson should win. The main concern with is Alabama’s rushing attack and whether Jalen Hurts can get loose. Clemson did a good job bottling JT, but Alabama’s offensive line is a different animal. It’ll be strength vs strength in the trenches. This may be one of the best defensive lines Clemson has ever had since uh, well, last year’s defensive line. Clemson is not as susceptible to coverage busts, I think, as they were last year. In terms of passing, I’m more scared of someone like Boulware being exposed in coverage than our DBs.

Alabama fans have to feel confident. They’re undefeated. They beat Clemson last year. But no one should expect a blowout (KNOCKS ON WOOD).

Here’s the link to make your pick.