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Derion Kendrick Commits to Clemson

NCAA Football: CFP National Championship-Media Day
Jeff Scott: I got this one guys...
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Derion Kendrick (6’1 200) just committed to Clemson during the Tigers extremely successful Junior Day this weekend. Kendrick is set to play the ‘2’ WR position in the Clemson offense after being a standout QB/Athlete/Safety at South Pointe High School. He is a high 4*, number 76 overall composite player in the country.

This is an important commitment because Clemson just went into the heart of Rock Hill and grabbed one of the state’s top prospects. Clemson just hasn’t had much success historically in Rock Hill. This should continue to blunt Will Muschamp’s claims of in-state superiority in the state of South Carolina.

Kendrick is talented and athletic enough that he could play WR or DB at Clemson if he so desired. He played Free Safety in High School situationally, but I could see him as a corner as well like another South Pointe product Stephon Gilmore. He doesn’t shy away from contact when he plays FS and hits pretty hard. At the 2 position (the position Sammy Watkins and Scott played) he will be able to display his lightning quickness and change of direction that differentiate him from other players. DK’s change of direction makes defenders look silly in the open field. One thing Clemson values for a WR at the 2 position is the ability to act almost like a running back on jet sweeps and motion in and out of the backfield. His compact frame reminds me a bit of Cornell Powell, he is strong and physically ready for the next level.

DK played QB at South Pointe leading the team to the 4A State Championship. As a mobile QB he has experience running the ball. He is a bit bigger than guys we have brought in at the ‘2’ recently like McCloud and Rodgers and should provide a change of pace or complement with a bigger body at the position. He has good hands, plucks the ball out of the air with his hands, and has above average speed. But DK should really excel at making people miss in the short game and off of bubble screens, jets and sweeps.

He will need to learn how to be a complete WR at the collegiate level. Right now he plays QB and when he is at WR he uses his athleticism more than advanced route running. He will need to learn the nuances of the position since he has spent most of his time at QB.

This one is all Jeff Scott. He narrowed in on Kendrick and Adams early and has made these two his top WR priorities. Scott developed a great relationship with the family and got on him early in the process. Kendrick comes from a great family, good people. Clemson’s success and winning the championship just served to further solidify his coming commitment to the Tigers. This is another solid commitment who won’t waver during the process (he has been all but committed for awhile now).

Clemson is just getting started with the 2018 class.