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Pawcast Football Season Recap Show

Clemson played football in 2016 and the Pawcast break down a season to remember.

CFP National Championship Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

When the 2016 Clemson Tigers football team returns to Swinney-Ford Memorial Stadium and assembles on Frank Howard Field in the fall of 2036, which moments of this season will YOU recount to your wide-eyed (grand-) children?

  • Is it how the Valley was *so loud* during Louisville’s final drive that your skull hurt?
  • Ben Boulware teeing up a full-steam blitz into the opposing QB’s very being?
  • That miracle missed FG and Marcus Edmond EZ pick to vanquish the Wolfpack?
  • Jordan Leggett lunging for the Seminoles’ pylon in Tally?
  • One of the many Deshaun Watson arrow shots after a deep TD throw?
  • That time at the tailgate when you looked up and the Oculus winked at you?
  • Grabbing the first road wins at Auburn, Atlanta, and Tallahassee in what seemed like forever?
  • Seeing the dominant D-line planting their worn out TFL flag in yet another opponent back-field?
  • Watching Mike Williams channel Super Mario’s starman all over the Sakerlina secondary?
  • 56-7, anybody?
  • Will it be the bona fide keester-whoopin’ meted out to the Buckeyes, exclamation point added by the Van Smith INT return? All while that freaky mascot Brutus cursed inside his sweaty fabric prison?
  • Tough to argue with the final drive vs. the Crimson Tide, amirite?
  • Where you were when Clemson silenced 35 years of frequent doubt, occasional shame, and oh so many what-ifs?

Truth is, there’s no wrong answer. Each of these was a foundational brick in the championship house built by Dabo Swinney and his hungry streak of fightin’ Tigers. Except the Oculus thing. Maybe don’t mention that.

While we’re nowhere near done talking about and reliving the National Championship our favorite team brought home to Clemson, we discussed our immediate takeaways from the 2016 season.

Enjoy the journey back through this incredible year, and be sure you stick around for the outro.

As always, thanks to the STS family and community of readers/listeners for the love these last 2 years and 117 shows. We can’t wait for what comes next.

Time Marks:

  • 6:05 - Wrapping up the 2016 Season: around CFB
  • 11:07 - Storylines of the year
  • 34:35 - Reliving the journey game by game
  • Outro - Champs