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Tajh Boyd Arrested, Swinneys Pledge to IPTAY, Clemson v. Troy Depth Chart and other Clemson News

Your Wednesday Clemson news roundup includes items about Tajh Boyd’s arrest, the Swinneys making a big IPTAY pledge, depth charts for Clemson vs Troy and other news and notes about the Tigers

NCAA Football: Clemson-Spring Game
Former Clemson QB Tajh Boyd
Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

Former Clemson QB Tajh Boyd Arrested

Tajh Boyd was arrested for assault and battery on Tuesday. Apparently the incident in question occurred over a month ago on July 14 but it took police time to conduct an investigation. Holy moly, that is a long time to investigate a simple incident.

The victim, a bouncer at a popular (from what I can recall about the downtown Greenville scene) bar/club called On the Roxx was shoved by Tajh after the bouncer told him that the club was full and that he would have to wait in line. Apparently Tajh shoved him “causing him to fly through the door way.” They don’t make bouncers like they used to if a quarterback is shoving you through the air.

On the Roxx released a statement basically saying that they had no part in charges being filed and that it was between the bouncer (an independent contractor) and Tajh.

Swinneys Pledge $1,000,000 to IPTAY

Dabo and Kathleen Swinney have pledged one million dollars for IPTAY to be used for new building initiatives. Dabo’s All-In Foundation previously donated $340,000 to Clemson and the Swinneys have also previously donated $265,000 to fund scholarships and other things.

I bet Dabo and Kathleen are going to get some great perks from IPTAY this year.

Clemson Depth Chart for Troy

Here are your depth charts for Clemson versus Troy this weekend and Ryan Carter fans are going to be very excited!

Clemson Depth Chart for Troy

If you have trouble reading this image, you can access the depth chart here.

My thoughts:

  1. Christian Wilkins is now a starter at DE and is not listed at DT on the depth chart. Your DT starters are Watkins and Pagano with Dex Lawrence and Albert Huggins backing them up. Yeargin backs up Wilkins and Register and Jabril Robinson back up Clelin Ferrell. Pray for a quick blowout this weekend so the defensive depth can get reps.
  2. Ryan Carter is now listed as starter at CB with Mark Fields as his backup. Marcus Edmonds is the backup to Cordrea Tankersley and Mullen is the third on the chart behind Edmonds. I haven’t watched the replay of the game yet, but if Carter was logging a lot of snaps, I didn’t particularly notice, which I suppose is good because it means he probably wasn’t busting? I’ll let others comment on how they feel about this. I’m sure the discussion will be civilized and rational. Again, I think Carter is a fair option, although I would have hoped Fields or Edmonds would be starting. I guess the coaches just have confidence in his knowledge of the scheme or in not having mental lapses.
  3. Huegel is still the kickoff guy. Let’s see how he does on Saturday. If he can’t boom them deep, it will be pretty disappointing that Clemson can’t find a guy capable of generating touchbacks.

I know nothing about any of the Troy players so I can’t comment there. Heck, I don’t even know where Troy is coming from.

Other Notable Items

  • Deandre Hopkins is on the cover of one of Sports Illustrated’s regional covers:

Nice little quote there from Richard Sherman.

  • Rex Ryan is one proud papa. If he gets fired this year Clemson should try to get him to join the staff in some capacity until he gets his next NFL job.
  • This is only tenuously Clemson related, but I had to include it because of the #swag involved. Social media is perilous, folks.
  • From the transcript of Tony Elliot’s presser this week, apparently the jumbo package with Dexter Lawrence and Christian Wilkins was Swinney’s idea. It certainly worked!

It’s a long article, so here’s the money quote:

That was something that Coach Swinney came to us back in the summer and said he wanted a package with Dexter Lawrence and Christian Wilkins in front of Wayne Gallman. We just tried to find time throughout camp to steal those guys because they’re doing a lot defensively.

Wilkins can really do it all huh? The entire article is an interesting read this week given the offense’s struggle against Auburn. I hadn’t noticed that Clemson gave up no sacks, which is quite a feat given the supposed talent (including old friends Carl Lawson and Mont Adams) on that Auburn defensive line. Watson did take some hard hits, though.

See you tomorrow for the STS Prediction League - Week 2 aka Cupcake Week