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Clemson versus Auburn: Clemson Squeaks By

Clemson v Auburn Renfrow with the prettiest catch of the game Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

First, playing at Auburn is very difficult, especially at night.

Dabo?? What were you thinking? Gallman goes out of bounds (there would have been less than 15 seconds left in the game)?

Sure Gallman screwed up, but you don’t compound that error by making another. You don’t kick a field goal to make it a two possession game? This felt like a replay of the Louisville game last year. Comedy of errors. Just inexplicable.

Time for some humility for this team.

Special Teams??

Really? We worked on this? Just as bad as the worst games last year.

We are easily the worst Special Teams team in the top 25. Dare I say the country??

Huegel with a kickoff out of bounds. Huegel can’t kicks it out of bounds. He barely makes a 30 yarder. We aren’t blocking any better on punt return or Kickoffs. Letting punts bounce down the field. Not trusting Huegel to kick a FG at the end?

Illegal formation on a punt in the fourth quarter??

Teasdall played better with the exception of the fourth quarter punt. Thank goodness for Seth Ryan. That was an amazing hold after an awful high snap on the second FG.


Ben Boulware. What were you thinking with the personal foul?

We started off so strong, but had another fourth quarter letdown as the team got gassed. You saw when Register and Yeargin were in the game in the fourth quarter. Our LB/Nickel play was not good in coverage. I don’t understand why Venables goes with weird choices at the position. Why Jalen Williams? Dorian O’Daniel and Wiggins are much better choices.

Jadar Johnson had a mixed bag of a game. A couple of great plays, just great plays batting down balls, but also the PI and the bust. The secondary held up though.

Dexter Lawrence. Umm...I told you so? Eating up double teams as a true freshman. Christian Wilkins was excellent at end...until he got a bit gassed. DE depth is still a huge concern.

Joseph and Boulware played well overall. Ferrell had some good moments, but also got a bit gassed.


We gained 233 yards in the first half and gave up only 38 yards. But it doesn’t mean anything unless you put up points. Defense did their job. Play calling in the first half was confused. Didn’t seem like we came out with a cohesive plan on how to attack Auburn. We didn’t target MW until the third or fourth series and then he gained 100+ yards. Mike did drop a couple of TD’s though, but Auburn didn’t have an answer for him in the first half and on the critical third down in the fourth that won the game for us.

The out of bounds Auburn player strip was absolute garbage.

Jordan Leggett?? Where was your mind?

Just a poor performance all around.

One of the first times that the playcalling was abhorrent. We didn’t attack the middle of the field at all. No slants? No screens?

Offensive line got handled along the interior. Couldn’t gain more than three yards a carry. Crowder totally whiffing on a screen to Cain summed up the night. The Auburn defensive line was more physical than our offensive line.

Did not like the taking too many endzone shots and not methodically gaining yards.

Deshaun Watson just struggled tonight. Threw an ill advised jump ball to RayRay (who should have challenged more for the ball). We didn’t want to run him too much, especially after he took some shots early in the game.

I loved the super jumbo package though.

I’m supposed to get these up faster so here you go...