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Clemson Tigers vs. Auburn Tigers: Gamethread, TV Schedule, and Online Streaming

Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

It has been a long 9 months. Nine months since Clemson was 10 minutes away from a national title. Nine months of having to think about the, "what ifs," and the, "if onlys." We've seen talented players go pro and one of the best recruiting classes in Clemson history show up on campus.

But now we get football. Real live, honest to God football. There is no more speculating and no more pontificating. Tonight Clemson kicks off the 2016 season. The opponent, a wounded Auburn. This is a make or break year for Gus Malzahn. Maybe Clemson can replicate their efforts against embattled coaches from last year. That turned out pretty well for us.

This one "kicks off" at 9pm EST, 8pm CST. You can watch on ESPN. If you aren't near a TV you should be able to see it on WatchESPN as well.

As always join us below in the comments. Bring your favorite beer and we promise we won't bite.