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STS Prediction Contest - Week 5

It’s Week 5 of the STS Prediction Contest and there are a number of marquee matchups to predict.

NCAA Football: Clemson at Georgia Tech
Deshaun Watson makes his picks remotely as the cameras look on.
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The Stanford Washington game this week is FRIDAY. Therefore, you must have your picks in by 9pm EST on Friday. However, if you do not get them in by then, I will leave the form open until noon on Saturday and you just won’t receive credit for the Stanford/Washington game.

There are THREE top 10 matchups this weekend, none more important to us than the top 5 matchup between Lousville and Clemson.

#3 Louisville (4-0) at #5 Clemson (4-0)

Vegas says: -2 Louisville

Revan says: 38-30 Louisville

Frankly, if I pick Clemson, there’s no way we’ll win, so I’m picking Louisville. Obviously Coach Swinney reads my posts and awaits them with eager anticipation, so I need to give him some bulletin board material for the boys.

Also, if I pick Clemson, I will definitely jinx them, so there’s no chance in hell I can pick them this week. Seriously, though, I think this is a fairly even matchup even if the final score doesn’t end up reflecting that. I don’t want to bring out 2013 FSU and say that X times out of 10 we’d beat them or they’d beat us, but it’s kinda like that. A blown play or special teams mishap (oh god) could lead to things snowballing.

Lamar Jackson should scare anybody and Brian Quick is a known commodity (he’s pretty good). But, it’s our offense that concerns me most in this matchup. Which offense is going to show up? The offense that did pretty darn well against Georgia Tech in the first half last Thursday or the offense that has shown up the rest of the year? I’m not counting SC State.

Before this season I would have said that the offense would need to carry the defense in this matchup, but now I think it might be the other way around. If the offense plays like it has been playing, we’re going to need a standout performance from the defense. I think the defense is certainly capable of containing or stopping the Louisville offense, but I don’t know how long they can do so. Our defensive-line will be the best they’ve played against. I have a little less faith in our secondary and linebacking group and I really worry about depth if Louisville can string together some early long drives and tire our players out on defense and our offense can’t sustain anything to give them a break.

So, worst case scenario, we could certainly get blown the eff out. If so, Louisville just might be that team of destiny. I don’t think we’ll get blown out. We should keep them under the half-century mark (becoming the first team to do so this season). If Clemson plays at the level it is capable of playing at and plays consistently, it should win. Based on what I’ve seen so far, I’m not sure that they can do that. I suspect we’ll give up a big play or two on special teams. I suspect we’ll miss a make-able field goal and/or an extra point. I hope they prove me wrong. I’ve never wanted to be wrong more in my life.

#7 Stanford (3-0) at #9 Washington (4-0)


Vegas says: -3.5 Washington

Revan says: 34-28 Washington

You know, if you look at Stanford’s performance so far, it’s actually not that impressive. Their big wins are against USC and UCLA, both of which have also not impressed this season. Christian McCaffrey has been good but poor quarterback play has limited the Stanford offense.

Meanwhile, Washington has stealthily snuck up the rankings and now has a chance to prove that it is a contender. I don’t know anything about this team other than the fact that their coach, of Boise State fame, is a proven giant-slayer.

McCaffrey could single handedly win this for Stanford, but I think Washington might be the way to go here.

#8 Wisconsin (4-0) at #4 Michigan (4-0)

Vegas says: -10.5 Michigan

Revan says: 31-13 Michigan

Oh, another chance to pick against Wisconsin. Michigan is heavily favored here. I still don’t have any sort of faith in Wisconsin even though they shocked the country last week by handily beating MSU. I think they’ll be on the more predictable end of the blowout this week.

#11 Tennessee (4-0) at #25 Georgia (3-1)

Vegas says: -3.5 Tennessee

Revan says: 35-21 Tennessee

Ugh. Tennessee is in this thing yet again. I’ve picked Tennessee each time and each time I’ve felt bad doing so. This matchup was much more compelling before Georgia @#%^@# the bed against Ole Miss. I guess Tennessee will win again although, as usual, I will root for them to lose. The SEC east is not good, again, yet these teams get so much credit for playing in such a TOUGH conference. *eyeroll*

North Carolina (3-1) at #12 Florida State (3-1)

Vegas says: -10 FSU

Revan says: 41-34 UNC

UNC shouldn’t beat FSU but after the Seminoles got exposed against Lousville, I wonder if the letdown might get to FSU? The Seminole offense got back on track against a formerly undefeated USF team last weekend. Smart money is on the Seminoles giving a beat down to a pretty good UNC team at home after being embarrassed by Louisville . Yeah, if I were smart I would definitely pick FSU. But, if I were smart I wouldn’t have gone to law school so there you go. UNC for an upset special!

There are your matchups. Here is your link to make your picks. Good luck!