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Who’s Going To Be Our College Gameday Guest Picker?

As College Gameday rolls into Clemson, SC for the 5th time, let’s discuss who ESPN might tab to be the guest picker...

NCAA Football: Notre Dame at Clemson Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

If you’re familiar with ESPN’s hit show “College Gameday,” you know that typically they’ll bring in a celebrity (or celebrities) to give their picks in the closing “Saturday Selection” segment of the show. Often these celebrities have some tie to the school, program, town, or at least state that they are in. However, sometimes ESPN brings in random celebs to promote something (*cough* Eric Stonestreet at Clemson-UGA *cough*). So, here are some possibilities for the folks in Bristol to call in for Saturday.

Brian Dawkins, Clemson Safety 1993-1995, All Pro NFL career, current ESPN NFL analyst: This is a no-brainer for ESPN. He currently works for them, and he’s famous enough that non-Clemson fans will know him. One of the best to ever wear the orange and purple. All around, this would be an awesome pick.

Nancy O’Dell, Clemson Alumna 1990, Host of Entertainment Tonight: This is another no-brainer selection. If you follow Nancy on social media, you can tell that she loves her Tigers and knows her football. She also is famous for non-sports reasons, which ESPN sometimes likes to get. Again, another awesome pick.

Bill Murray, Charleston Resident, Actor: It’s Bill Murray.

Tajh Boyd, Clemson QB 2009-2013, Fan Favorite: While Tajh may not be as interesting to non-football fans as some of the other options, Clemson folks love him, and he’s a very personable guy. He actually introduced Governor John Kasich at various speeches before the South Carolina primary. Overall, he would be a fun pick.

Lee Brice, Former Clemson Long Snapper, Country Music Star: Not many schools can claim a former player who turned into a music star, so this would be unique. It’s also great because Brice would be someone connected to the program, yet appeal to a demographic besides just sports fans. Gameday has had country music singers on before, so this wouldn’t be unprecedented.

CJ Spiller, Clemson Running Back 2006-2009, NFL Running Back: CJ has been at a few Clemson games after being dropped by the Saints this season, and assuming he doesn’t sign with another team this week, I’d imagine he’ll be there Saturday. Like Tajh, he’s a fan favorite. During the SC State game, he was on the sidelines with former Clemson running back and CJ’s old “partner in crime,” James Davis. Having Thunder and Lightning reunited on Gameday would be awesome, considering the 2006 Gameday game against GT was when they became nationally known stars.

Lucas Glover, Clemson Golfer 1998-2001, 2009 US Open Champion: Glover ran down the hill with the Tigers prior to the 2009 Clemson-FSU game. Jonathan Byrd would be another Clemson golfer that could be here as well.

Brianna Rollins, Clemson Track 2010-2013, Olympic Gold Medalist: Fresh off the Olympics, having Brianna on would be awesome. She won Gold for the US this year in the Women’s 100 Meter Hurdles. She won 3 NCAA titles at Clemson.

Davis Toney, Clemson Alumnus 2014, Sloppy Body: Yes, this one needs to happen.

Some Random Person With No Clemson Connections: We’re talking about ESPN here, and given our past experiences with Gameday (sans Bill Murray), the guests were weak. Eric Stonestreet from Modern Family before the 2013 UGA game was lame because not only was he not a Clemson guy, but he wore Kansas St gear on stage. Jim Cantore last year wasn’t even on stage, they just video’d him in from Greenville because of all the rain. Fortunately, Gameday’s deal with Pizza Hut will probably keep them from bringing Louisville Alumnus Papa John on stage. Regardless, it will be a fun day Saturday, and hopefully ESPN brings us a good picker.