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The ACC Championship Game May Move to Orlando and Other Clemson News

Wednesday’s Clemson news roundup includes a visit by the ACC to Orlando, Clemson no longer being favored against Louisville, a report on injuries, and other news and notes.

NCAA Football: Battle at Bristol-Tennessee vs Virginia Tech
Kirk Herbstreit has no idea how long they’ll trot out the corpse of Lee Corso for Gameday.
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ACC Championship Game to Orlando?

To the shock and surprise of no one, Orlando is emerging as a front runner for the relocated ACC Championship Game. Immediately after the ACC removed its championship games from North Carolina it was speculated that Orlando might be a possible destination. Now ACC officials are visiting the city, and it’s probably not to go to Disneyworld considering how expensive Disneyworld tickets are these days. Orlando wouldn’t be the worst place in the world to hold the the championship game, I guess.

Favored and then Not Favored

Clemson began the week as a 3.5 point favorite over Louisville. Heavy betting on Louisville has caused the line to shift to Louisville as they are now 2 point favorites as of this writing. Based on the movement so far I wouldn’t be surprised if we were 4 point dogs by the weekend. We play better as underdogs, right? Just don’t think back to the last time we weren’t favored at home... (cough FSU 2013)

Injury Report

  • Jalen Williams will be out a few weeks with a sprained MCL. The versatile linebacker had started in Ben Boulware’s absence. Not great for a somewhat thin linebacking group. Williams was important for depth since he was capable of playing all of the different linebacker positions.
  • According to Coach Swinney, Bryant and Baker might be close to a return. Coach Optimist apparently thinks there’s a chance Bryant could play against Lousville. Color me skeptical. It’s good to hear that it’s possible they might be back in the next few games as we could definitely use them if they’re healthy.


  • As you have surely heard by now, Gameday is coming to Clemson. Let’s hope Corso picks against us as he usually does.
  • ESPN did a short video about Clemson in preparation for the matchup against Louisville. It includes a quick chat with Coach Swinney and Christian Wilkins, who are impressed by this Lamar Jackson fellow. He might be a good one folks. Deshaun Watson also makes an appearance and actually connected on a deep ball! Save some of that for Lousville, Deshaun.
  • Clemson players did pretty well in the NFL this weekend. Highlights include a 60-yard field goal from Chandler Catanzaro (miss you cat-man), Adam Humphries reaching the 100-yard mark in receiving yards, and Bradley Pinion uh, punting well (miss you the most Bradley).
  • Former Tiger Spencer Kieboom, who has to have at least a 70 name on the MLB 20-80 scouting scale got the call on Tuesday to join the Washington Nationals. I doubt he’ll make the playoff roster, but it’ll be great for him to get a Major League salary and benefits, even if just for a week or so.