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Clemson Tigers vs. Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets: Live Gamethread, TV Schedule, News

John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

This is a game that seems to have divided a lot of us. Clemson hasn't won in Atlanta in over a decade. We've had scars like 2014, 2011, and a few others thrown in. Games where Clemson should have won but screwed things up in majestic fashion.

But Clemson has never been this talented, and the difference in talent between Clemson and GT has never been so stark. That makes it seem like Clemson should steam roll GT, and maybe they should. But as we saw at Auburn to open the season strange things happen. Clemson will have to play fundamental football here if they want to win this one. On defense it is all about playing your man and hitting the QB every time. If Clemson can do that they will walk out of this one a winner.

Join us in the comments below to discuss this one and fret over the dang triple option.