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Clemson Recruit Performance Tracker: Week Two & Three

In the second installment of our recruit performance tracker check back in with Clemson commits and targets

South Carolina State v Clemson Photo by Tyler Smith / Getty Images

This edition will feature both stats from last weekend’s games and highlights from the past two weeks.

Tee Higgins

Higgins has been the focal point of a dominant team for Oak Ridge this season. The Wildcats are undefeated through this point of the season and Higgins’ play has been a large reason why. In his game against Lenoir City, Higgins finished with eight grabs for 149 yards and three touchdowns .

Additionally, Higgins dominated, scoring multiple times, in his matchup against Anderson County.

Hunter Johnson

Like Higgins, Johnson has carried his team to a perfect record at the midway point of his season. Johnson struggled in his game on Friday night, going 11-25 for just 170 yards. Despite the struggles, he did throw one interception, Johnson threw for two touchdowns and led his team to a 14-10 win over Fishers.

In his matchup against Avon two weeks ago, Johnson was 15-25 with two touchdowns and an interception, while adding 88 yards on the ground, including a 42-yard rushing touchdown. He “demonstrated both touch and zip on his passes,” according to Paul Shepherd, who covered the game for the Indianapolis Star.

AJ Terrell

Unlike the two former players, Terrell, and his teammates at Westlake, have struggled so far in the season. The Lions record currently sits at 1-2 and they lost their last game to McEachern 6-2, which is the second worst final score for a high school football game I have ever seen (This 4-2 game happened in my county my senior year of high school).

If it is any consolation for his bad record, Terrell and his teammates held Bailey Hockman, a Florida State bound quarterback, without a touchdown.

Cordarrian Richardson

While Richardson has no highlight tape available for his game last week, it is not because he did not perform. In his matchup against DeSoto Central, he finished with 34 carries and 254 yards on the ground plus one score. More importantly he came away with the win against the previously undefeated DeSoto Central.

Amari Rodgers

Rodgers does not have stats available for his last few games, but his team, which is 4-1, currently sits in first place for the Tennessee state power rankings in the 4A class, according to The Tennessean. This week we have three separate highlight tapes from Rodgers.

Jordan Williams and LeAnthony Williams

Stats are unavailable for both Williams so here are their most recent highlight tapes.


Jeffrey Okudah

Here is his highlight tape and his most recent game tape. Stats are unavailable but the talented prospect is going to be visiting Clemson soon.

Verone McKinley III

While McKinley has no stats available, he does have a winning record. He and his Lewisville Hebron teammates currently sit at 2-1 and are considered a state championship contender in the high school football behemoth that is Texas.

Here is his most recent highlight tape.