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STS Prediction Contest - Week 4

It feels like just yesterday we were doing Week 3 results, but now it’s on to Week 4!

South Carolina State v Clemson
Dabo likes all of the undefeated matchups this week.
Photo by Tyler Smith / Getty Images

It’s undefeated week at the STS Prediction Contest. Yes, that’s right, all of our teams this week are undefeated so far, but 5 of these teams will pick up their first number in the loss column after this weekend.

This could have been nearly an all top-25 matchup but SOMEONE messed it up (looking at you Oklahoma State). I was forced to substitute in a “lesser” game, but an intriguing one still, I think.

Picks will need to be in early this week as Clemson and Georgia Tech play on Thursday. Have your picks in before kickoff!

#5 Clemson (3-0) at Georgia Tech (3-0)

Vegas says: No line listed on ESPN yet

Revan says: 34-17 Clemson

You may have heard that Clemson has not won at Georgia Tech in a long long time. The last time Clemson beat Georgia Tech in Atlanta I wasn’t even a Tiger fan yet (still in high school and didn’t have a college team growing up). That said, I’d be surprised if many people picked against Clemson. I think Venables has this triple option thingy figured out. Even when Clemson last played Georgia Tech in Atlanta (miss you, Cole Stoudt), 14 of Tech’s 28 points in their 28-6 victory came from pick-6’s. We did give up some points last year on busted coverages, but with good defensive line play so far, I think we’ll be fine. We’d better be fine because a much better QB is coming into town soon, so if we can’t stop Justin Thomas and Tech, we could be in for a world of hurt against Lamar Jackson.

Clemson will win this by a comfortable-ish margin.

#11 Wisconsin (3-0) at #8 Michigan State (2-0)

Vegas says: No line listed on ESPN yet

Revan says: 31-17 Michigan State

Wisconsin is somehow ranked #11 now. They beat an LSU team that has not been very good. They’ve also blown out Akron, which, okay, congrats. This past weekend they barely beat Georgia State. So, smart money is on Michigan State and that’s who I’m going with.

#19 Florida (3-0) at #14 Tennessee (3-0)

Vegas says: No line listed on ESPN yet

Revan says: 23-13 Tennessee

I think I would have gone with Florida before Florida QB Luke Del Rio’s injury. Tennessee is also dealing with some injuries on the defensive side of the ball, but I think without Del Rio it’s going to be very difficult for Florida to pull the upset. Will I be rooting for Florida over Tennessee? Hell yes. Clemson and Tennessee need to play each other sometime, because listening to the Vol fanbase whine about our recruiting of most of Tennessee’s top talent was super amusing but listening to them claim their team was better than ours and boggle at anyone choosing Clemson over Tennessee was laughable. We need an opportunity to remind them that Clemson has done pretty darn well against the supposed big boys ever since the LSU Peach Bowl game (LSU, Auburn, Ohio State, Oklahoma x 2)

Anyways, Tennessee will win, but hopefully they somehow both lose.

#17 Arkansas (3-0) at #10 Texas A&M (3-0)

Vegas says: No line listed on ESPN yet

Revan says: 35-27 A&M

Never been a big fan of Arkansas coach Bret Bielama. Is that why I’m picking against Arkansas? Pretty much. Hey, I never said I was actually seriously analyzing these games or anything. Arkansas beat TCU, but I think A&M has played and beaten better opponents so far. So, yeah, A&M should win this home game.

Wake Forest (3-0) at Indiana (2-0)

Vegas says: No line listed on ESPN yet

Revan says: 24-17 Indiana

Woah what? Wake Forest is 3-0! After a thrilling 7-3 victory over Tulane their opening week, the Demon Deacons beat Duke and then Delaware. Looking at their remaining schedule, I see 5 winnable games on there. Winning 8 games this year would be an extremely good season for them. Heck, I thought they’d win like 4. I’m getting ahead of myself though, as they’ll need to win on the road against a favored 2-0 Hoosier squad.

Can they do it? Probably not. Indiana should win this one, but I’ll certainly be rooting for Wake.

There are your matchups. Here is your link to make your picks.