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Clemson Tigers vs. South Carolina State Bulldogs: Live Gamethread, News, and TV Schedule

John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

Once again we have a bit of a boring game. But once again we will also get an opportunity to see what some of the younger guys can do. Clemson plays South Carolina State in their second body bag game of the season and there shouldn't be much suspense with this one.

One of the big things worth looking at is how Coach Swinney decides to use the backup QBs. This is one of the best opportunities to get guys like Kelly Bryant and Tucker Israel some real experience, but there may also be a push to gett Dr. Schuess some playing time.

In addition we'll be interested in seeing what the backups at DB do. That has been one area of concern for Clemson and it would be nice to sort things out before heading down to Atlanta.

As always join us in the comments below and we can yell at special teams together!