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STS Prediction Contest - Week 3

Week 3 of the STS Prediction Contest features plenty of top teams battling each other. Clemson is also playing a team.

Troy v Clemson
It’s difficult to find relevant photos for this contest so I’ve given up. I tried making my own but MS paint art has never been a talent of mine.
Photo by Tyler Smith/Getty Images

A bit of housekeeping - Given the Clemson game is on Thursday next week, Week 4 will be posted on Tuesday or Wednesday and your picks must be in prior to the start of the Clemson-GT game.

Big games this week. None bigger than this first one.

SC State at #5 Clemson

Vegas says: No line

Revan says: 59-10 Clemson

Okay. The offense is going to bust out in this game for sure. Like, really. This time. We’re going to blow them out, we’re going to get backups some time by early in the third quarter, it’s a done deal people. No doubt in mind. THIS IS IT.


#2 FSU at #10 Louisville

Vegas says: -2 FSU

Revan says: 38-35 FSU

Folks it’s your game of the week. College Gameday is going to be in Louisville for this one. This primetime matchup... wait... it’s at noon? WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG WITH YOU TV SCHEDULERS. Ugh.

I want to pick Louisville. I do. Their offense is so trendy right now. That Lamar Jackson fellow keeps doing what I thought Watson was going to do, which is make big explosive plays on the ground and through the air. Granted, Louisville’s toughest opponent so far has been Syracuse, but they’ve done what good teams are supposed to do against Division II schools and obliterated them. Still, scheduling two cupcakes like Charlotte and Syracuse won’t be good for their strength of schedule. The playoff committee frowns on scheduling more than 1 FCS patsy.

Anyways, I’m going with FSU but I think this will be a high-scoring affair (incoming 20-13 game!). I think Francois is pretty good and that Dalvin Cook guy is too. I think FSU’s defense is better than Louisville’s, which is no joke. It’s going to be close, but FSU will edge them out.

#22 Oregon at Nebraska

Vegas says: -3 Nebraska

Revan says: 34-28 Nebraska

I thought long and hard about putting the Alabama/Ole Miss game here. However, I think that wouldn’t be very interesting. I’m pretty sure 90 or 95%+ would pick Alabama. Pie charts which are pretty much all one color are no fun. This is a more difficult game to predict. Vegas likes Nebraska and it is a home game for them. Yeah, I’ll go with Nebraska.

#12 Michigan State at #18 Notre Dame

Vegas says: -7.5 Notre Dame

Revan says: 37-28 Notre Dame

So I think this line is due to the fact that Michigan State looked unimpressive against Furman. I think Notre Dame should be playing better now that it has more clarity at the QB position. I don’t want to just keep going with Vegas here but I do think Notre Dame is going to win.

#3 Ohio State at #14 Oklahoma

Vegas says: -2 Ohio State

Revan says: 42-24 Ohio State

Ohio State is slightly favored in a matchup that looked a lot better for primetime before Oklahoma lost to Houston in the opener. I remain unimpressed by Oklahoma. Close game? Nah. OSU will win it comfortably.

Other games considered: ECU vs South Carolina (ECU right? Yeah). #25 Miami at App State (App State is kind of a sneaky pick here). #1 Alabama at #19 Ole Miss (Alabama. Obviously. But these games tend to be entertaining)

Here is your link to make your picks. Good luck everyone!