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Clemson Tigers vs. Troy Trojans: Gamethread, Late News, and TV Schedule

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

After a rather harrowing experience last weekend Clemson should have an easy game today. The Troy Trojans are coming to town for Clemson's first cupcake game of the season. As much as these cupcake games suck, they will give Clemson some much needed experience. The defense is going to have a chance to gel and the offense can get dialed in.

This week we'll be interested in seeing what Brent Venables decides to do for the NB position. We may see some of the young freshman get a chance to prove they belong on the field. And maybe we can find some competent special teams play this week. It is safe to say the Auburn game didn't exactly provide any of us with confidence, or something close.

As always you can join us in the comments below for this one. Hopefully Clemson gets out to an early lead and we see plenty of backups getting experience.