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Pawcast: History Repeating

Will the faults of 2015 persist within the 2016 football team?

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Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

We're back to discuss fall camp happenings (team scrimmage, secondary, backup QB pecking order), news out of Tallahassee, and why the weaknesses of 2015's team (predicated on depth and inexperience) are unlikely to carry over to this year's Clemson Tigers squad.

Time Marks:
1:06 - Venables "stealing signals". Who snitchin'?
4:53 - FSU check-in: Maguire injury, Dalvin for Heisman?
13:42 - Fall Camp Notes: CB & Safety depth chart, backup QBs
32:50 - Will the few 2015 team weak spots translate to 2016?

And we'd like to extend a big Pawcast thanks to our loyal STS listeners for your continued support (particularly as we expand our listener base across the Clemson community). We know where we got our start, and we hope to maintain the high standard you've come to expect.

Enjoy the show!

What's a Pawcast? It's a semi-regular podcast, hosted by three CU alumni — Ben, Cody, and Nick — who analyze current Clemson Tigers events from a fan's perspective, and try to predict the future. Because we're far from experts, we farm out that part of the show. Past and future guests include Shakin' the Southland writers, CFB media personalities, former Clemson players & coaches, and a mixed bag of opponent school podcasters, fans, and radio guys.

To check out past shows, visit our Soundcloud page, where you can also subscribe to stream future podcasts. Come for the banter and hastily-formed takes, stay for the Gamecock jokes and microbrew tips. We also post a variety of links on our Twitter and Facebook pages. Check back here at STS for future shows, or subscribe within your favorite podcast app.