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A Call For Clemson Writers

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Our long nightmare is almost over. Fall camp starts within a week and we only have 5 weeks to game week. So really in a week we can start eagerly reading every practice report and deciding the fate of Clemson football based on second and third hand practice information.

But while all that is going on we are busy at STS HQ on our season preview. I promise it is bigger than anything you've ever seen. It has gotten so big we are going to 2 full days of wall to wall coverage. One article every hour during the day for 2 whole days, August 29th and August 30th. Contributions to the beer account to keep us going until then can be made to me.

On that note I want to put out a call for anyone interested in helping to contribute to STS. We can always use some fresh talent to provide new viewpoints and bring some new skills to the group. Don't worry if you've never written sports articles before, most of us are not full time journalists. We are more interested in ideas,  creativity, and ability to put together some interesting analysis of Clemson.

Below are the areas we are looking to fill on the staff. If you're interested or want some more information send me an email at and I can provide some more information and we can go from there.

Social Media

We are always looking to expand our social media presence with more people. As part of our social media team you'd be responsible for managing the STS Twitter and Facebook accounts. In addition to ensuring that all articles were posted on both sites we'd like you to engage readers and followers on Facebook and Twitter to drive the conversation. On Facebook we'd also like you to help generate social media unique content to grow our Facebook presence.

Copy Editor

We currently have a need for a copy editor at STS. Here you'll be asked to read over articles in draft form and correct grammar as well as make suggestions to improve article writing. The ideal candidate will have a solid grasp of English and an ability to read through articles quickly and make edits as appropriate. Editors will be able to write articles if interested, but the primary responsibility will be to edit articles across STS.

News Writer

One area of our coverage that has always been lacking at STS is our news coverage. We'd like to change that by bringing on some news-centric writers. This position will be responsible for posting breaking news as well as covering weekly news that comes out of press conferences and press releases. Writers will also be asked to add commentary to news articles to provide context.

Video/Graphics Creator

One area we'd like to get into at STS is creating more visual components to articles and content for Facebook. We are looking for someone with experience in Photoshop and has the creativity to create Clemson-centric visuals. The ideal candidate would be able to work long term projects as well as weekly items during each season.