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Clemson vs. Western Carolina: 2016 NCAA Baseball Regional How To Watch, TV Schedule

Can Clemson return to winning ways in Regional play?
Can Clemson return to winning ways in Regional play?
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It is day 1 of Regional play in the NCAA Tournament and Clemson is hosting for the first time in a few years. The Tigers host one of the more diverse regions in the country with 2 seed Oklahoma State, 3 seed Nebraska, and 4 seed Western Carolina journeying to the Upstate for the first round of the NCAA Tournament. Below is all of the information for both games including TV options and expected starters. Join us in the comments to discuss both games.

Game 1: Oklahoma State (2) vs. Nebraska (3) 12pm EST

TV: ESPNU/WatchEspn

Expected Starters: TBA (Oklahoma State) vs. TBA (Nebraska)

This is likely going to be the more exciting game. Oklahoma State is a talented but flawed team with some excellent pitching but almost no offense. Nebraska is in the, "lucky to be here" category and will be trying to make a splash this afternoon.

Game 2: Clemson (1) vs. Western Carolina (4) 7pm EST


Expected Starters: Charlie Barnes (Clemson) vs.  TBA (Western Carolina)

Despite 2 close midweek games against Western Carolina, Clemson is the heavy favorite in the late game. The Tigers will send Charlie Barnes to the mound to try and get the quick win. There was some speculation Clemson may hold Barnes for a bigger matchup in the Saturday game, but Coach Monte Lee decided to play the game in front of him and not look to the future.