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Clemson's Charone Peake Looks To Put Injuries Behind Him with New York Jets

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

With the vast network of team specific sites on SB Nation, we decided to reach out to some of the teams that now former Clemson players will be playing for in the NFL.Scott from Gang Green Nation was nice enough to talk to us about former Clemson WR Charone Peake. Scott gives us some insight to what Jets fans are thinking about Peake's selection and how he could be used to bolster a Jets team that has struggled.

STS: What was your reaction when hearing the Jets selection of Charone Peake?

GGN: My reaction was, "Sweet. We didn't need to spend a high pick on a wide receiver given Brandon Marshall and Eric Decker, glad to see us take a flier on a late rounder that could develop into a star."

STS: Jets fans have always been known as being very demanding about their draft picks. What was their reaction to the Peake selection?

GGN: I think Peake might have actually been the only consensus pick in the draft that everyone was thrilled with. In particular, it's been widely discussed that Peake was arguably a second day player and the Jets manage to grab him in the seventh? Hard not to get behind that.

STS: How do you think Peake fits into the Jets plans for 2016 and beyond?

GGN: Chan Gailey, the offensive coordinator for the team, makes a lot of use of three and four wide receiver sets. In fact, historically, there are not many offensive systems that use four-WR sets more often than Gailey. So while Marshall and Decker have a lock on two of the spots, there should be a good competition between Quincy Enunwa, Devin Smith, and Peake for those remaining "starting" spots. The team loves Enunwa from a versatility perspective and Smith is almost only capable of running post routes, but they aren't locked into either guy. There's an opening there for Peake to secure a starting role.

STS: We've seen a lot past WR picks do well even if they are late-round picks, do you think Peake can be one of them?

GGN: Unfortunately, the Jets do not have a good history with developing wide receivers. However, Peake is likely more talented than all the late WRs the Jets have drafted recently combined, so I'm hopeful. There's a lot that depends on if he can stay in one piece or if he gets injured, but he definitely has the talent to be among those that do well.

STS: For you what are the big concerns about Peake that will determine his success or failure with New York?

GGN: As I mentioned above, it's about injury. If he can stay healthy, the Jets will give him his fair share of chances as they like to spread the field and load it up with wide receivers. If he's healthy enough to make it to the field, he'll get his shot.