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Clemson Football Unveils New Uniforms

Sweet Baby Ray's these are beautiful

Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

Clemson's award-winning Twitter revealed new football uniforms for 2016 and beyond, and they are nearly perfect:

Clemson already had such a classic look that any perceived tampering would've led to riots (remember the 2005 "modern" piping disaster) but these changes are exactly what traditionalists have wanted for many years. These new uniforms are in fact a throwback to the program's heyday in the 1980's under Danny Ford, which the video quite obviously conveys. A list of the changes:

  • Larger numbers on the chest and back
  • Tiger Paws moved from sleeve to shoulder pad(!!!!!!!)
  • Numbers added to sleeves
  • Tiger Paw on pants changed to white and outlined in orange
  • Player nameplate on back of jersey changed to Clemson's unique font created in 2013
The only change of which I am not a fan, personally, is the new font on the back of the uniforms. Clemson had this font created back in 2013, and the AD has used it for nearly everything since. I always feared Clemson's next uniform update would use this font for the jersey numbers, and I am extremely relieved to learn otherwise with this reveal. Since it's not an obvious change and the number font remains the same, I can stomach the new player name font. Now if only we could throw out the purple...