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Clemson Football Orange & White Game Pawcast

The Pawcast offer up immediate post game reactions and more

Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

Orange & White Game Recap:

  • Thoughts from the Spring Game:
    1. 00:38 - QBs & O-Line
    2. 09:58 - General team / depth musings
    3. 12:18 - Offensive skill positions
    4. 25:08 - Spring Game expectations / Defensive roster turnover
    5. 37:18 - Dexter Lawrence, my goodness
    6. 42:31 - Special Teams, or why the Pawcast drinks
  • 49:26 - Beer! East Coast-West Coast exchange
  • 51:20 - More Beer! Clemson Baseball
  • 57:34 - MLB debut: Dodgers-Giants pitching controversy. Does a shot at history trump career longevity?
Enjoy the show!

What's a Pawcast? It's a semi-regular podcast, hosted by three CU alumni — Ben, Cody, and Nick — who analyze current Clemson Tigers events from a fan's perspective, and try to predict the future around athletics.

Because we're far from experts, we farm out that part of the show. Past guests include:

  • STS stalwarts Quacking Tiger and Ryan Kantor
  • SB Nation royalty and hosts of Podcast Ain't Played Nobody, Steven Godfrey and Bill Connelly
  • Clemson legend Dexter McCleon
  • A mixed bag of opponent school podcasters, fans, and radio personalities.

To check out past shows, visit our Soundcloud page, where you can also subscribe to stream future podcasts. Come for the banter and hastily-formed takes, stay for the Gamecock jokes and beer tips. We also post a variety of links on our Twitter and Facebook pages. Check back here at STS for future shows, or subscribe within your favorite podcast app.