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Clemson Tigers vs. Boston College Eagles: Basketball Live Gamethread

Dawson Powers-USA TODAY Sports

It has been a long, interesting season. We've seen some spectacular highs and infuriating lows with Clemson basketball. Wins against Duke and Syracuse have covered up losses to Minnesota and Georgia. Today Clemson travels to Chestnut Hill for their final game of the regular season. Earlier this year Clemson had a little scare against BC before coming out a winner 65-54. The Tigers haven't done well away from Greenville, but BC is striving to go unwinfeated in conference play(0 wins in the ACC).

While an NCAA tournament berth is out of the question, barring a miracle run, Clemson is a contender for an NIT berth, though who knows what happens with a loss. Hopefully Clemson is mentally prepared for this game because that is the only way they lose, the Tigers are much more talented than BC and should win this one comfortably. But I'll be pessimistic and bemoan their chances since it has worked well this year.