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Meet the Staff: STS Writer Bios

We've enjoyed getting to know you all through the comment section of our articles. Now we'd like to introduce ourselves.

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Brian Goodison is the chief editor and site manager for Shakin the Southland and is critical in leadership, organization, and analysis for the site.

QuackingTiger is a college professor by day and ShakintheSouthland's recruiting expert by night. He has built credibility across SB Nation and the Clemson community through years of sharing recruiting insights and correctly forecasting college selections for major recruits such as Ray Ray McCloud, Diondre Overton, and Dexter Lawrence. QuackingTiger, or Dr. QT as we have affectionately taken to calling him since he completed his doctoral work, also contributes to football game recaps and team analysis.

Ryan Kantor is a Clemson graduate ('11) and season ticket holder from Atlanta. With a career in marketing research and analytics, Ryan brings a unique perspective to Shakin the Southland. Expect an analyst's viewpoint as he'll lean on statistics as he manages Clemson's basketball content and contributes to the football content.

Alex Craft is a 2013 Clemson graduate and season ticket holder who joined the STS staff at the beginning of 2015. Alex lives in Greenville, SC where he works in B2B outside sales for an industrial manufacturer. A lover of gifs and banter, Alex is an editor who handles football film analysis, specializing in opponent scouting reports and the Clemson defense. He also contributes an occasional feel-good column so his mom will actually read an entire article free of technical football jargon.

Andrew Ites is finishing off his senior year at Morningside College in Sioux City, IA. Recruited by both the football and tennis teams, Andrew chose football and played wide receiver as a freshman. His football playing days are now behind him, as he transitioned to the tennis team, but thanks to years of competition and studying film he is able to provide Shakin the Southland with detailed football film breakdowns for which we are eternally grateful.

Caleb Davis is a seminary student, a high school Spanish teacher, and a soccer coach in Greenville, SC. He played college basketball at Bob Jones University where he graduated in 2014. His playing career helps him follow college basketball and analyze games with a passionate level of intensity that assists STS in their basketball coverage. His roots run deep in the upstate of SC and Clemson where his wife is currently doing her graduate work.

Calvin Craft is a high school teacher and basketball coach from Mount Pleasant, SC. Definitely an old man by STS standards, Craft (no relation to Alex) graduated from Wofford College in 1997 but is the son of a Clemson letterman and is a lifelong Tiger fan and IPTAY member. He provides articles for both basketball and football having coached both in his career and the former for 18 years.

Chris Smith was born in Greenville, SC, almost exactly nine months after Clemson beat Nebraska to claim the '81 national title. Born and raised a Clemson fan, it was the only college he applied to for undergraduate studies. He graduated from Clemson in Dec. '03 with a degree in wildlife biology, and is currently trying to finish up a PhD in theology at Wheaton College, just outside of Chicago. He is an editor when time allows, writing occasional articles when he should be writing his dissertation.

Dbbm, AKA Matt, is a student at Clemson and very sorry if you went to his twitter account after reading anything he wrote here. As a writer Matt writes x's and o's articles or occasionally attempts to find new and innovative ways to make fun of Syracuse. He's probably just yelling about the Bears and that is a feature, not a bug.

Jay Ingles is 2012 Clemson graduate who contributes to basketball and football coverage on STS. He is a former sports editor for Clemson's student newspaper -The Tiger News. He has written about Clemson sports in some capacity since 2010 and has been a die-hard fan (and realist) his entire life.

Jordan Whitworth is a life long Cclemson fan and  2014 Clemson graduate. He joined STS in March of 2016 as a baseball contributor. A former intern with 105.5 The Roar in Clemson, he currently lives in Greenville and works as a sales representative for a wire and cable distributor.

Mark Gordon is a 2010 Clemson graduate and a former high school basketball assistant coach, semi-professional baseball player. He is now the father of Dawkins the cat, a banker, and an STS contributor.

Matt Goldin is a senior at Clemson University, pursuing a degree in Sociology with a Communications Minor. His father graduated from Clemson in 1981 (the greatest year). Matt was born in Rome, Ga, and raised in Rockmart, Ga, but has been a die hard Tiger since birth. He contributes to STS's football and baseball coverage with a specialty in line play.

Metal Tiger is a 2013 Clemson graduate and lifelong Tiger born just miles from the Clemson campus. His family has held season tickets for many decades and he still continues to sit in the seats that first introduced him to Death Valley with his great grandfather. He now resides in Northeast Georgia working full time as an engineer and part time as a pessimist. He provides football analysis and comment thread tangents.