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Baseball Writing At Shakin' The Southland

Andy Lyons/Getty Images

For those of you now sad that football season is over, never fear! Baseball season is right around the corner. But to properly cover baseball this year we are looking for some additional writers to cover baseball.

Responsibilities will include writing series preview and review articles, as well as putting Clemson's season into context with the rest of college baseball. In the offseason writers will also be able to continue their coverage of Clemson baseball, as well as covering a variety of other sports for Clemson including football, basketball, and anything else you are interested in.

The ideal writer is going to be able to work on assigned tasks and complete 1-2 articles per week during baseball season. These will be independent assignments, but there will be some collaboration with other STS writers.

For anyone interested, please send me an email as soon as possible and we can discuss the position and go from there.