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Clemson Tigers vs. Notre Dame Fighting Irish: Live Gamethread and How To Watch

Michael Shroyer-USA TODAY Sports

Once again Clemson has followed up some fantastic wins with puzzling losses. And once again Clemson needs a win against a tough opponent to keep the NCAA tournament conversation alive. This time Clemson has to take on a Notre Dame, a team that comes off a weekend win against Duke, something all of us can appreciate and understand.

Clemson has yet to beat Notre Dame in basketball, and this would be an excellent time to do it. While this wouldn't be the type of win like say beating Duke is, it would still be a quality win that can help pad Clemson's NCAA tournament resume.

Key tonight may be Clemson's ability to keep Nnoko out of foul trouble. Though Clemson didn't win, Nnoko's numbers because of his low foul total added another dimension to Clemson's play and if we can combine that with some solid shooting from the rest of the team we will be an extremely difficult team to beat down the stretch.

Enjoy the game and join us below in the comments to discuss this one.