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Clemson Football Podcast: Quacking Tiger speaks!

STS's own Quacking Tiger sat down with the Pawcast to discuss Clemson's 2016 class and an eventful #NSD

Robert Duyos-USA TODAY Sports

Less than a month removed from a defeat in the National Championship game against Alabama, the Clemson Tigers again went toe-to-toe with another College Football powerhouse and came up short in the end. While Rashan Gary's decision to choose Michigan over Clemson may taint the memory of signing day for many Clemson fans, we can't take away from the beauty of this 2016 recruiting class and what was -- Gary aside -- a stellar signing day.

When the dust settled, most if not all of the team's immediate needs were addressed by signings, and we expect several freshmen to contribute immediately.

Coming off a top five recruiting class in 2015, Clemson's coaching staff continues to set the bar higher. This class is loaded with elite talent throughout and lays the foundation for Clemson to be a perennial contender. If you at look at previous national champions, you'll also find those same schools consistently in the top five of recruiting rankings. It's not rocket science: if you want to compete at the highest level, you have to consistently recruit elite talent.

Dr. Quacking Tiger joined Cody from the Pawcast to share his thoughts on this year's class and the drama of National Signing Day. He also responds to questions from fans on Twitter and sheds light on linebacker Jamie Skalski's chances to win the role for kick-off duties.

We hope you'll enjoy this break from the hiatus in podcasts, and stay tuned for more offseason recordings as we forge ahead in the dark months ahead.