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2016 National Signing Day John Simpson Commits to Clemson

I see you in my future...
I see you in my future...
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

It has been a long road for John Simpson to get to Clemson. As I have said before, this recruitment was almost over about three separate times where Big John just didn't pull the trigger. He wanted to take his visits and be exposed to other campuses and he really liked the coaching staff and campus at Florida. I'm told the familiarity, proximity and relationships with coaches ultimately won out.

This recruitment was very close, however.

Clemson gets a road grader. He can play tackle or guard but will likely be a pulling guard (Caldwell really likes versatility, in case you haven't noticed). I'm higher on Simpson than others. I see a very raw prospect, but one who is developing and has a very high ceiling. He is powerful in the lower body and finishes blocks. Still needs work as a pass blocker and maintaining proper pad leverage, but when he get locked on and engaged with a defender he gets good push. I think he will work into the two deep in a couple of years and will be a part of the future. Another gentle giant and humble kid.

Chomp. Chomp.