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2016 National Signing Day: Clemson Early Enrollee Tre Lamar

Student Sports

Bringing in some much needed depth at LB, early enrollee Tre Lamar will likely see some significant time at LB for Clemson this year. Lamar, a 4-star prospect from Roswell, Georgia, has the height and weight to contribute without a redshirt. He currently comes in at 6'4" 240 pounds and should be a force. His primary recruiter was Tony Elliott with Brent Venables his secondary recruiter.

Because of our lack of depth at LB, Lamar is going to have a good chance at playing a lot for Clemson this fall. With Ben Boulware the only returning starter and no one else having more than 200 snaps experience, Lamar is coming into an excellent situation. It is hard to see him missing out on the 2-deep by the end of the season, even with fellow early enrollee Rashaun Smith likely to get a lot of playing time this fall. Even if Lamar doesn't get as much playing time as expected, he should develop nicely for next year when he could easily be a starter if he picks up the defense properly.

QT's Take:

It is no secret that I really like Tre Lamar. With all the focus on late season additions I think we lose sight of how good of a player we already have on campus with a guy like Lamar. His high school of Roswell, Georgia is a perennial powerhouse and we are in a very good position with a couple of his 2017 teammates. Landing Tre has allowed Clemson to get in those doors.

Clemson needed to fend off a late charge from Auburn to land Lamar and it was close for awhile (Lamar and Lawrence prove that it is not always all about the number of visits) but Clemson prevailed because of Tony Elliott's consistency and Brent Venables being able to sell the need at the position.

Lamar is a huge body who plugs gaps and delivers a blow. He has improved during his senior season his agility and sideline to sideline speed. His suddenness and change of direction have also improved. I see him in the two deep and challenging for increased snaps during the season, most likely at MLB. Another soft spoken, but really respected player. This defense is full of high caliber, talented, driven recruits.