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2016 National Signing Day: Diondre Overton Signs With Clemson

Student Sports

As expected, WR Diondre Overton from Greensboro, North Carolina, singed his letter of intent with Clemson today. The 6'5" WR is a 4-star pickup for the Tigers and continues the WRU mantra the school has developed since the arrival of Nuk Hopkins in 2010.

Overton was recruited by Robbie Caldwell with Jeff Scott as his secondary recruiter, and he had offers from several schools though the biggest competition was from NC State. As we detailed in an earlier article though, Clemson was comfortably the lead school for the last several months of his recruitment.

The biggest asset Overton brings to Clemson is his height. At 6'5" he will hopefully develop into a big target receiver that can go get the ball, especially in the end zone. Mike Williams will still be our main threat outside this year, but Overton should be the next man up to be that tall threat.

He has great hands, but not the top line speed of a receiver that is going to burn the secondary deep every time. Depending on how things shake out with his development and the rest of the receiving corp, he could play at either the 9 or 5 position. The biggest thing we love out of him is his competitiveness and ability to get the ball. He played DB in high school with success, no he is not going to switch to DB, and the passion he shows is great and should be a huge asset for him.

QT's Take:

What do you get for the wide receiving corp that has everything? Why not freakish height and length. Scott wanted height in this class, someone who would be a matchup nightmare and could grab jump balls in the endzone. He looked at all the tallest wide receiver possibilities and Diondre Overton was chosen.

Overton needs to fill out his frame and isn't a burner, but he is long and quick and can high point the ball. His basketball background is very helpful in this area. He has a basketball players body right now too. Those of you who have played both sports, especially basketball player first-football second, can likely attest to the difference it makes when you devote yourself full time to just football. Overton wanted to be a D-1 basketball player for a very long time. Now that he is a football player he should see some needed strength and size gains. Right now he kind of excels at intermediate routes so he is going to need to learn to be a downfield threat (increase his speed and route running) if he wants to stick at the 9 position.

Overall a great get as one of three WR's in this class and another tool to drive opposing defensive coordinators mad.