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2016 National Signing Day: Chandler Reeves Signs with Clemson

Tigers sign an offensive line prospect to their 2016 haul who might need some time to fully develop...

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Chandler Reeves of McDonough, Georgia has signed with Clemson as a part of a solid offensive line haul for Dabo Swinney and Co. Reeves was offered by the Clemson after a showing at the 2016 Dabo Swinney Football Camp that left coaches impressed by an under the radar offensive tackle prospect. Reeves is listed as 6'6" at 255 pounds which is a little undersized for an offensive lineman. Reeves has a chance to develop into at least a serviceable offensive lineman for the Tigers but will more than likely redshirt this coming season so he has more time to add weight and develop as an offensive lineman.

He's listed as a 3-star OL which is a fair grade, but he's the perfect type of take at the position. He has the height needed and will have plenty of opportunity to add weight over the next few years while learning the position.

A lot think that Reeves will end up as a tackle but there is always a chance he could end up on the interior if the staff feels he is better suited there. Reeves was recruited by area recruiter Marion Hobby and OL coach Robbie Caldwell.

QT's Take:

Project. Reeves gives you a long frame and long arms, but other than that I see this as the biggest reach of the class. I think we grabbed Reeves before national championship run and before we thought we would ever have a chance to finish with Anchrum. It is really hard to project offensive lineman and it is even harder when they don't play against great competition and they weigh 260 pounds maximum. Reeves moves well for his weight but it is a guessing game to know how another 30 pounds will impact his mobility.

He has been well coached and has some good technique. He doesn't play too high with his pad level all the time. I like his long arms but he doesn't have a mean streak or much bite on film. He lacks a lot of upper body strength and doesn't move people off the ball much at a low level of competition. Definite redshirt and will need a couple of years to begin to contribute. Unfortunate because we desperately need tackle depth for next season.