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Clemson Tigers vs. Boston College Eagles: Basketball Gamethread

Dawson Powers-USA TODAY Sports

This one is pretty simple. Just win. Boston College is 5 kinds of terrible and even I think Clemson should win this game. Boston College is 0-12 in ACC and Clemson should not be their first victory.

As always it is critical for Clemson to avoid a cold streak and letting BC go on a run. It may be cliche, but it kills us every time and we have trouble pulling a win out in those games. Thankfully Clemson has been better about it this year, maybe because they are making their shots and free throws.

For Clemson a win here doesn't get them into the NCAA Tournament, but a loss almost certainly knocks them out. Most bracket experts have us hovering around the bubble as one of the last 4 out or just outside of that. Wins against teams like BC don't improve our chances, but more importantly it doesn't hurt. A win also gets Clemson closer to securing a conference record above .500.

Enjoy the game and join us below in the comments for this one.