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Amari Rodgers Commits to Clemson Tigers


The future is Amari...
The future is Amari...
Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Valentines Day to the Clemson Tigers.

Amari Rodgers drops for the Tigers. This has been in the works for weeks now after Rodgers junior day visit. Clemson absolutely steals a quality WR right from under the nose of the Tennessee Volunteers. This commitment will have huge ripples throughout the recruiting world because Amari is so connected to other prospects and well regarded.

Amari was initially commited to the real USC where his dad is a coach. Amari de-committed and was attracted to the idea of joining #WRU and Clemson's national attention coming from playing in the playoff. Rodgers is ideally suited to play the 2 position in this offense. He was used a lot as a running back during his Freshman and Sophomore years and so he is built to take the ball to the edge on jet and fly sweeps but continues to make gains as a wide receiver. He has great speed, high points the ball exceptionally well and is an overall great athlete. He continues to learn the position and is one of the more dedicated players you will see. The kid wants to be great.

I don't see any commitment issues down the line, especially with the recent trouble the Vols have been in with sexual assault allegations and coaches and admin knowing about the problem. Amari will definitely improve Clemson's chances with Tee Higgins. Tee decommitted from the Vols and I think some of that has to do with his knowledge of Amari's coming decision. Look for him to influence other Tennessee prospects and solidify Clemson's standing with other national prospects.

Welcome to the Clemson Family Amari.