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Clemson vs Ohio State Gamethread

The Arizona Republic-USA TODAY Sports

It has taken a month, but gameday is finally here. Clemson has an opportunity to return to the national championship game, but first they have to beat Ohio State in the Fiesta Bowl.

For Clemson keep an eye on the health of Austin Bryant and Scott Pagano. Both players were nursing injuries at the end of the season and if both are completely healthy we should see a dominant defensive line out of Clemson that has the depth to go the entire game. After that, trust in Deshaun and the rest of the offense.

I've waffled on this one, some days I think Clemson should beat Ohio State and then I watch a couple OSU games and get some bad flashbacks. If Clemson comes to play in this one they can win, but it isn't going to be easy, especially if the Tigers shoot themselves in the foot repeatedly.

As always join us below in the comments for this one before you head out to celebrate the new year.