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STS Bowl Pick’em - Playoff Games

Playoff Games and a few news notes to entertain you unfortunate souls at work.

ACC Championship - Clemson v Virginia Tech Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

Hope everyone is having some happy holidays. If you’re unlucky enough like me to be at work, here are the penultimate picks for the Prediction Contest.

Clemson v Ohio State

This was a tough game to pick. I think the teams are fairly evenly matched. This would be a good time for Clemson to not to race out to a lead and then take a break for a quarter or two.

Alabama v Washington

Alabama has much more talent than Washington, but I feel as though Washington could potentially be a more dangerous opponent for Clemson.

Some light reading:

An article comparing Dabo Swinney to Bobby Bowden. Well, okay then.

An article comparing athletic revenue and spending among the 4 playoff teams. It’s pretty amazing how much less Clemson is working with.