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Pawcast Fiesta Bowl Preview Show

You’re bored, and the Pawcast trio previewed the Ohio State vs. Clemson matchup. It’s fate!

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Heisman Ceremony
Man on a mission
Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

We get it.

You have a light week at work, or time off from school.

You can’t stop thinking about the game.

You’ve read all of the posts from your go-to writers, the national guys you hate (just not enough to quit reading them), and even perused our opponent’s top sites for some new perspective.

You won’t admit this to your friends, but you’ve even clicked through to read peoples’ defensive Twitter replies on clueless AP writers’ manufactured storylines (like Jadar Johnson’s non-slight of JT Barrett), and found yourself agreeing with their taeks.

You’ve even thought about slumming it by visiting the message boards.

Finally, you’ve resigned yourself to listen to a podcast. Hopefully, while exercising or downing the last of the egg nog (same thing, amirite?)

Before you hit play on our Fiesta Bowl preview stream below, available for the introductory price of 72 minutes of your time, know that you’ve made a tremendous decision.

When the waves of 8-bit Tiger Rag hit your eardrums like a slug to your chest, there’s no turning back: you’ve become a Pawcast listener.

For our loyal, long-time listeners (including the OGs here at STS), we thank you for your loyalty. New to the show? See below for a crash course in what the Pawcast is all about.

And if you happened to miss it, queue up our CFP Podstravaganza show (featuring interviews with OSU, Bama, and Washington alumni).

Comments / discussion are welcomed below — now, enjoy the show!

Time Marks:

  • 1:14 — The (less important) Bowl Games we'll be watching
  • 8:57 — Fiesta Bowl matchup overview
  • 17:55 — Clemson’s defense: containing JT Barrett and the Buckeyes’ attack; scheming against Clemson’s defense
  • 34:06 — Clemson’s offense: establishing the run; can Deshaun Watson turn his shoulder chip into a championship
  • 57:36 — Peach Bowl musings: the case for Washington
  • 1:06.56 — Clemson Basketball exists and is on a roll

What's a Pawcast?

It's a semi-regular podcast, hosted by three CU alumni — Ben, Cody, and Nick — who discuss Clemson Tigers athletics from a fan's perspective, and try to predict the future. Because we're far from experts, we farm out that part of the show. Past and future guests include Shakin' the Southland writers, SB Nation CFB media personalities, former Clemson players & coaches, and a mixed bag of opponent school podcasters, fans, and radio guys.

To check out past shows, visit our Soundcloud page, where you can also subscribe to stream future podcasts. Come for the banter and hastily-formed takes, stay for the Gamecock jokes and microbrew tips. We also post a variety of links on our Twitter and Facebook pages. Check back here at STS for future shows, or subscribe within your favorite podcast app.

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