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STS and MarkRogersTV Preview Clemson vs. Ohio State

Ryan Kantor joins Mark Rogers in a video preview of the upcoming Playstation Fiesta Bowl.

With the Playstation Fiesta Bowl now just days away, STS writer joined Mark Rogers to breakdown the matchup.

Ohio State is #1 in the nation in Power Success Rate. Their dominance in short yardage situations got them by Michigan.

To avoid the slow march of Ohio State’s grinding rushing assault, the Tigers will have to force the Buckeyes into third-and-long situations. Fortunately for Clemson, their highly-aggressive defense excels at getting teams off-schedule, even if that leads to the occasional big play.

For the Tigers offense, pass blocking has been great, but finding a consistent running game has been problematic. Watson running the ball could open up plays for Gallman as well as passing plays downfield.

We discuss all this and more in the video above. Enjoy, and Merry Christmas!