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STS Prediction Contest - Conference Championship Week

This weekend is full of great matchups as conference championships around the country are played and playoff spots are decided.

NCAA Football: South Carolina at Clemson Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Please note: The Pac-12 Championship Game between Washington and Colorado is on FRIDAY. Your picks must be in prior to the start of that game (9pm EST). However, as always, picks will be accepted until Noon EST on Saturday, though if you submit your pick after 9pm EST on Friday, your pick for the Pac-12 Championship Game will not count.

Week 13 Matchups

ACC Championship Game - #23 Virginia Tech (9-3) vs #3 Clemson (11-1)

Vegas says: -10 Clemson

O/U: 58

Revan says: 35-28 Clemson

Clemson has certainly played better as of late (okay, the last two games). Virginia Tech is a good team and they have the personnel to capitalize on Clemson’s deficiencies on defense. But, can they stop our offense? I think there are only one or two teams in the country that can really stop our offense. The main thing that keeps our offense back is our own offensive play calling and boneheaded mistakes/turnovers. If our offense is able to avoid mistakes, Clemson should win this easily. I don’t think they will, so it will be close.

Pac-12 Championship Game - #8 Colorado (10-2) vs #4 Washington (11-1)

Vegas says: -7 Washington

O/U: 58.5

Revan says: 38-24 Washington

Again, please keep in mind this game is on FRIDAY at 9pm EST.

It’s hard to get a good read on the Pac-12 this year. Colorado’s a great story and I hope they win, but the smart money has to be on a more talented Washington team.

Big-12 Champ.... oh it’s just a regular game? - #10 Oklahoma State (9-2) at #9 Oklahoma (9-2)

Vegas says: -12 Oklahoma

O/U: 77.5

Revan says: 48-35 Oklahoma

Vegas expects a lot of points out of this game, so it should be very entertaining. Neither of these teams have a realistic path to the playoffs. A lot of crazy shit would have to happen for either team to even have a chance at the playoffs.

Big 10 Championship Game - #6 Wisconsin (10-2) vs #7 Penn State (10-2)

Vegas says: -2.5 Wisconsin

O/U 47.5

Revan says: 28-20 Wisconsin

What a crazy year. These two teams are playing for the conference championship but neither team has a good chance of making the playoff field without a lot of help (losses by Alabama, Clemson, and Washington to start). It’s weird that the two Big 10 teams not in the championship game have a better chance of being in the playoffs than these two teams.

AAC Championship Game - #19 Navy (9-2) vs Temple (9-3)

Vegas says: -3 Navy

O/U: 62

Revan says: 42-30 Navy

Oh, why no SEC championship game? It’s because no one will actually seriously pick Florida to upset Alabama. I’d rather have a competitive game in this contest, thanks.

Navy punted a total of like two times in all of November (and their punter still probably got more net yards than our punter did). Their offense is clicking on all cylinders. Vegas must know something we don’t because Navy is only slightly favored in this game. Still, you gotta go with Navy, right?

Here’s your link to make your picks, good luck!