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4 Clemson Underclassmen Declare Intentions to Enter NFL Draft

To the surprise of few, Deshaun Watson, Mike Williams, Wayne Gallman and Artavis Scott will enter the 2017 NFL Draft. You’ll find some other Clemson news items of note in here as well.

Syracuse v Clemson
Christian’s gonna miss celebrating with #4, but he’s gonna be gone after next year too.
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Watson, Williams, Gallman and Scott Make it Official

This Clemson team is loaded with talent. Enjoy it while you can because it’s basically official: we will be losing a lot of talent after this year.

Coach Swinney on Tuesday revealed that QB Deshaun Watson, WRs Mike Williams and Artavis Scott, and RB Wayne Gallman will participate on Senior Day as they are all on track to graduate this year and have indicated to Coach Swinney that they will going pro after this year.

First of all, these 4 guys have been studs for Clemson. I wish them long, healthy, fruitful careers. Just uh, play with a little more heart than a certain safety last year. Not just for us, of course, but for your own NFL future. I mean, Kearse should have been drafted higher than Round 7. At the same time, I can’t blame these guys for wanting to avoid injury and risk millions by falling in the draft. It’s a complicated feeling.

This Tigernet article has some commentary from Swinney on Gallman and Scott in particular and great on him for trying to sell teams already on the NFL potential of these guys. Guys like Williams and Watson don’t need much selling. Barring something catastrophic, they will be gone on Day 1, Day 2 at the latest. Gallman and Scott are a bit less certain. I think there’s definitely a place for Gallman in the draft, though maybe late unless he really tests well at the combine. He’s been pretty good in pass protection, though, and that’s something NFL teams really value. Being able to pass protect and catch out of the backfield is something that will get you into the pros.

Scott I am conflicted about. He’s a valuable player for us, but he doesn’t have elite or even great hands (I see him alligator arming and catching with his chest a lot). But, he plays with a ton of determination and refuses to go down. He deserves a shot, I’m just not sure how he would fit into an NFL offense. I don’t know that he’s really a slot receiver type and he’s just really small for a receiver if he’s not considered a slot guy.

Few of us probably thought Jaron Brown or Adam Humphries would do well in the pros, but Jaron’s been in the league way longer than I would have though and Humphries is seeing the field a lot in Tampa.

The End of #Swag

Well, it’s the end of an era in college football. Swag Kelly went down with an ACL tear this past weekend. I’m not a big fan of him, but you never want to see that happen to a good player, unless you’re Dave Doeren (shots fired!).

Chad, clearly, has been a bit salty about his forced departure from Clemson. But Dabo, of course, took the high road when asked about his former player’s injury:

Swag will get a chance in the NFL assuming he recovers from his injury. My team, the Niners (sigh), assuming they don’t fire their bumbling GM, looooves to draft talented players with ACL injuries and then have them never recover from said ACL injury.

Injury Report

On the injury front, Jake Fruhmorgen, Ray-Ray McCloud and Deshaun Watson are still not 100%. Ray-Ray and Watson are expected to practice this week and indications so far are that Watson will play this weekend. Marcus Edmond didn’t play last week and is still recovering as well.

Edmond has turf toe, which can be slow healing. Toe injuries are what did in Patrick Willis, who at one point seemed like a sure thing for the NFL Hall of Fame. One would think that they’d like to play him sparingly, if at all, this weekend. Same goes for the rest of the walking wounded.