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STS Prediction Contest - Week 10 Results

Week 10 is wondering how the election will turn out, but in the meantime, you can find out how everyone did in Week 10 of the STS Prediction Contest!

Syracuse v Clemson Photo by Tyler Smith/Getty Images

Week 10 Matchups

Actual score: 54-0 Clemson

My pick: 45-17 Clemson

Average Clemson Points Prediction (Mean): 41.98

Average Syracuse Points Prediction (Mean): 21.74

There was a healthy amount of respect for Syracuse’s offense. To be fair, I think they would have put some points on the board if their quarterback hadn’t gotten knocked out of the game early. Hopefully both starting quarterbacks from this game are doing okay.

Watson was diagnosed with a shoulder bruise, which is a damn shame because Watson was on fire before getting knocked out of the game. His incompletions were 2 drops of very catch-able balls and an off-target pass that occurred immediately after he injured his shoulder.

Clemson said he could have re-entered the game if needed. Hopefully that’s legit and not just sunshine pumping. A shoulder injury in the throwing shoulder is obviously no bueno. I’m not doctor, but I know that in baseball, you’d rather have your pitcher have an elbow injury than a shoulder injury. If he’s feeling pain or stiffness in that shoulder next weekend it could really affect his accuracy and power. Hopefully we can get a big lead early next week and rely on the running game and backups early to protect Watson.

Actual score: 43-37 Oklahoma State

My pick: 34-21 Oklahoma State

Average Oklahoma State Points Prediction (Mean): 34.96

Average KSU Points Prediction (Mean): 25.96

College football, man. Upsets happen every week that you just don’t see coming. Random blowouts of games that should supposedly be competitive (Hi Nebraska!) and a game that OK State should have won without too much trouble came down to the wire.

Actual score: 62-3 Ohio State

My pick: 28-17 Ohio State

Average Ohio State Prediction (Mean): 28.78

Average Nebraska Points Prediction (Mean): 18.89


Actual score: 10-0 Alabama

My pick: 30-20 Alabama

Average Alabama Points Prediction (Mean): 27.25

Average LSU Points Prediction (Mean): 20.89

Typical SEC game right? Kudos for both teams for ELITE SEC DEFENSE. After A&M was upset this weekend, Bama is clearly the only good team in the SEC (well.. other than Auburn, who has that QUALITY LOSS to Clemson). I wonder how many years it will take of shitty SEC teams before the media bias towards them finally ends? Who are we kidding? It’s never going to end.

Actual score: 51-28 Miami

My pick: 35-24 Pittsburgh

Average Miami Miss Points Prediction (Mean): 25.77

Average Pittsburgh Points Prediction (Mean): 28.23

Total misread here. I really though Miami might just kinda give up on the season but nope. Things were close for awhile and then Miami stomped Pitt.


Here are the overall top scorers after nine weeks:

Still #rigged for your pleasure

My reign of terror continues.

Week 9 top scores:

The average score this week was 21.34.

You can access the full standings and results here.