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STS Prediction Contest - Week 9 results/Week 10 matchups

It’s a STS Prediction Contest megapost! Week 9 results and your Week 10 matchups lie within. Apologies for the delay, I was trying to figure out a way to rig the contest to stay in first place.

Clemson v Florida State Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Greetings y’all. Normally I try to post the results of the contest on Tuesdays, but due to an unavoidable work conflict (My workplace expected me to do work while in the office this week, ridiculous) I did not have enough time to rig the results, I mean, tabulate the results.

So we’re doing both in one post! Try not to fall asleep before you get to the end.

Week 9 Matchups

Actual score: 37-34 Clemson

My pick: 38-30 FSU

Average Clemson Points Prediction (Mean): 34.17

Average FSU Points Prediction (Mean): 24.28

Ok you guys, but you see, I thought they’d probably win but I HAD to pick against Clemson to reverse-jinx them. It’s motherfrickin science. It works, trust me. Can I curse on this blog? I don’t even know.

When Leggett scored with 2 minutes to go I was actually upset. I was so confident that the Tigers would score to pull head that in my mind I was concerned more with leaving too much time on the clock for FSU. After the score I felt like FSU was going to march down the field and kick a field goal to win it. Then there was a questionable decision from Dabo (I guess I can see both sides of the argument, I personally would have declined to set up an do-or-die 4th and 13 but then again they converted in 1 play on 3rd and 23....) and a loonnnng 1st down conversion to put them right near field goal range. THIS IS IT, I thought. THE MAGIC HAS RUN OUT. Then our defensive line ended the game by murdering poor Deondre Francois. Boy do I feel bad for him, he got rocked in that game.

Actual score: 59-30 Tulsa

My pick: 38-35 Tulsa

Average Tulsa Points Prediction (Mean): 31.43

Average Memphis Points Prediction (Mean): 33.35

No comment other than to say that y’all should believe in Tulsa! Because... reasons.

Actual score: 31-24 Washington

My pick: 35-27 Washington

Average Washington Points Prediction (Mean): 32.13

Average Utah Points Prediction (Mean): 25.78

Poor Washington can’t get no respect, but y’know I don’t really think they deserve all that much respect. They’ll have a chance to prove themselves down the road with games against ... Washington State? Yikes. If they win out they definitely will be in a good position to snatch a playoff bid. But are they better than a 1-loss Clemson or Michigan team? I think not. #hottake

(Watch them win it all in 2 months to spite me)

Actual score: 23-17 Wisconsin

My pick: 24-10 Wisconsin

Average Nebraska Points Prediction (Mean): 17.37

Average Wisconsin Points Prediction (Mean): 22.82

My score predictions are sneakily on point this week. Feels good, other than “missing” the FSU pick. Nebraska has a chance to get back in the mix in their matchup with OSU this week.

Actual score: 37-20 Oklahoma State

My pick: 31-24 Oklahoma State

Average WVU Miss Points Prediction (Mean): 36.05

Average Oklahoma State Points Prediction (Mean): 32.08

The upset special is UNDEFEATED (I think). If this keeps up and Clemson makes it to the playoffs, perhaps Clemson could be my upset special against a team like Alabama. But I do understand this is a mighty power to have, and with such great power comes great responsibility. I promise not to abuse it.


Here are the overall top scorers after nine weeks:

Still rigged

I don’t know what to tell you folks. I gift wrapped 5 points by picking FSU and somehow pulled away. #rigged Maybe I should quit my day job and gamble on college football for a living (I proceed to go 0-5 this week).

Week 9 top scores:

The average score this week was 20.83.

You can access the full standings and results here.

Week 10 Matchups

Syracuse (4-4) at #2 Clemson (8-0)

Vegas says: -27 Clemson

Revan says: 45-17 Clemson

This Syracuse team is interesting. They beat VT but lose to Wake Forest. They’ve got a new head coach in Syracuse and he has them in a position to possibly make a bowl game. That’s pretty impressive. I think most of us thought they’d be last in the Atlantic. I know they’re used to a hot dome so I hope they’re not too cold in the brisk November weather.

#18 Oklahoma State (6-2) at Kansas State (5-3)

Vegas says: -2.5 Kansas State

Revan says: 34-21 Oklahoma State

KSU is favored here? Hm. I’m tempted to go with them because #teamSkeletor but Oklahoma State showed some nice things last week (namely by scoring more points than WVU) and I want to go with the hot hand here.

#10 Nebraska (7-1) at #6 Ohio State (7-1)

Vegas says: -17 OSU

Revan says: 28-17 Ohio State

I’m not a believer in Nebraska, especially if they’re playing at Ohio State.

#1 Alabama (8-0) at #13 LSU (5-2)

Vegas says: -7.5 Alabama

Revan says: 30-20 Alabama

The crazy cajun guy from the Blind Side (I think that’s where I read about him first) is doing pretty well as interim head coach for LSU. LSU has certainly been playing well as of late. It does seem like SEC teams rise in the rankings just in time to get crushed by Alabama, no? Nick Saban and his team are “only” favored by 7.5. This game is usually close, it’s hard to pick against ‘Bama, though. In fact, there is no college football matchup that exists as of now that I would pick against Bama in.

Now, I WANT LSU to win. I do not wish to play Alabama again. Yeah, beat the best to be the best, but screw it, even if it means rolling over a team like Washington in the Natty, a title is a title.

Pittsburgh (5-3) at Miami (4-4)

Vegas says: -3 Miami

Revan says: 35-24 Pittsburgh

Miami has collapsed after breaking into the Top 10 after a 4-0 start. They have since gone 0-4. The slide started with losing two close games to two good teams (FSU and UNC) and the past weekend they lost to lowly Notre Dame. Have they quit on their once-promising season?

Pittsburgh has a lot to play for and their offense has been consistently good this year. This may not be an easy game for Clemson, actually.

Talent-wise, Miami is better but Pittsburgh wins this.

Here’s your link to make your picks, good luck!