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STS Prediction Contest - Week 13 Results

It’s end of the regular season, but this contest runs through the national championship! Read the recap of the last week before conference championships next week.

NCAA Football: South Carolina at Clemson Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

I hope everyone had a safe and happy Thanksgiving holiday weekend! Participation was down noticeably this week, hopefully just because of the holidays, but I suspect some have been dropping out as they fall out of contention. =(

On the bright side, we absolutely took USC to the woodshed, which means I can taunt my USC friends for a third straight year, if I were pathetic enough to actually have any friends that went to USC. I mean, that’s unkind of me. After all, I know some great people who went to USC, like Walmart greeters and this guy who works at the local convenience store).

But really, as a guy who grew up in South Carolina, half my high school ended up at USC, so it’s nice to be able to lord it over those USC friends I still keep in touch with.

Week 13 Matchups

This week’s selections were not close. People picked in a landslide for each team, so the scores are all mostly pretty high and pretty close together.

Actual score: 56-7 Clemson

My pick: 31-17 Clemson

Thanks to a few of you who tried to reverse-jinx us by picking USC. This victory was close to being the largest margin of victory in the rivalry ever. Feels pretty good. I guess I need to pick Clemson to win in close games (or pick them to lose) more often. Clemson can’t coast, though, as they will need to beat a good Virginia Tech team next week in the ACCCG to secure their spot in the playoffs. This will not be a gimme. Virgnia Tech looked very good, albeit against a terrible UVA team, this past weekend.

Actual score: 30-27 Ohio State

My pick: 28-20 Ohio State

Really shocked that more people did not pick Michigan here. This was an instant classic game, but Michigan really gave this game away with turnovers. Yes, there was some questionable officiating as well. Ohio State’s offense had no answers until late in the game and in overtime. It’s a shame that Michigan probably won’t make it into the playoffs. I think they’re certainly better than any Pac-12 or Big 12 team and deserve it more than Wisconsin or PSU as well.

Actual score: 30-12 Alabama

My pick: 38-17 Alabama

Another week, another big Alabama win. Pretty much everyone is saying that Alabama is so far ahead of everyone else that pretty much no matter what happens next week they will make the playoffs.

Actual score: 27-22 Colorado

My pick: 28-24 Colorado

If Colorado beats UW next week, Mike whatshisface should definitely win coach of the year. If they lose, he should still win coach of the year. Really impressive turnaround. The question is whether they can sustain this success?

Actual score: 31-13 FSU

My pick: 27-20 FSU

Yep, the SEC is not good outside of Alabama. But hey, good job Kentucky upsetting Louisville. Sigh, Louisville, I wanted you to keep winning to help our strength of schedule.


Here are the overall top scorers after the regular season, we’re on to the conference championships and bowl season now.

To say that things are close right now at the top would be an understatement, and we’ve still got conference championships and bowl season to go.

Week 13 top scores:

The average score this week was 29.36 due to a lack of upsets and pretty much everyone choosing the same team.

You can access the full standings and results here.