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STS Prediction Contest - Week 12 Results

A new leader rises as we go over the results of Week 12 of the STS Prediction Contest.

Clemson v Wake Forest Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

Week 12 Matchups

Actual score: 35-13 Clemson

My pick: 45 - 17 Clemson

Our expectations are such that even a relatively comfortable win on the road is cause for alarm and concern. It is concerning to watch the offense do nothing for like, 2 quarters. Weather conditions weren’t ideal, but you’d like to see a little more than 35 points against Wake Forest. Granted, Wake is a better team this year than expected, but Clemson should be putting up 40+ easily on a team like this.

Sigh. Okay, that would be nice, but at this point it’s just important to get a W. As long as we win our next two games (USC and ACCCG) we’ll be in the playoffs. Who cares if we get there by blowing out USC or by barely squeaking... ok yeah it matters, but the point is the win is the most important thing. We don’t need style points anymore. But, if it makes us feel better, Ohio State and Michigan both had close games against inferior opponents.

Actual score: 16-10 Florida

My pick: 31-21 LSU

Les Miles died so Ed Orgeron could coach this team to 10 points against Florida? SMH.

Actual score: 38-24 Colorado

My pick: 45-40 Washington State

Colorado has a legitimate shot at the playoffs. Man, what a story. If I had a vote I guess I’d vote the Colorado coach as coach of the year. From 4-9 to playoff contender, pretty impressive. They’ll need to beat former #12 Utah (who inexplicably lost to Oregon) to clinch a spot in the Pac-12 Championship against Washington. If they win out, seems like the toughest obstacle to making the playoff will be Oklahoma. You figure at some point people will get tired of seeing Oklahoma get thrashed in the post-season, right?

Actual score: 56-28 Oklahoma

My pick: 35-24 Oklahoma

People are jumping back on the Oklahoma bandwagon. I suppose they have a chance to squeak into the 4 seed so they can get annihilated in the playoffs again. I’d rather the committee take the Pac-12 champ.

God forbid, if Clemson loses against USC or in the ACCCG and Washington and Oklahoma win out, they’ll be in the playoffs instead of us, most likely.

Actual score: 31-14 FIU

My pick: 31-21 Marshall

I regret choosing this matchup, but only because I guessed wrong.


Here are the overall top scorers after 12 weeks:

Congratulations to SolidOrangeArchitect and RamblinTiger for cracking the top 5! They busted into the top 5 on the strength of their Week 12 performance. We’ve got over a month left in the contest (We will be doing bowl games. The scoring system for bowl games will likely be a bit modified from the regular season) so this is still anyone’s game. Well, no, if you’re just starting now you probably aren’t going to win.

Week 12 top scores:

The average score this week was 16.96, mostly thanks to LSU’s inexplicable loss. Therefore, the top scorers this week made up a lot of ground (see SolidOrange and Ramblin breaking into the Top 5 overall).

You can access the full standings and results here.