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The Playoff Selection Committee has spoken!

The Committee likes what Clemson has done so far by ranking them #2 behind Alabama. STS’s Wednesday news roundup discusses the first college football playoff rankings and a few other Clemson Tiger tidbits.

Clemson v Florida State
2 hands up for #2 ranked Clemson!
Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Playoffs?! I just hope we can win a game.

Well, here they are, the season’s first playoff rankings, which are now the only rankings that matter. It doesn’t matter that the coaches and the media think Washington should be going to the playoffs if the playoffs were held now. It doesn’t matter that they think Lousiville is the best one-loss team in the nation. Nope, it’s now all about the committee rankings. And the news is good for Clemson!

I had expected Clemson to come out of it in the 3 or 4 slot, with 3 being the most likely ranking. The committee, as they were last year, was impressed by our strength of schedule though. We’ve beaten two top 10 teams in Louisville and Auburn (who saw that coming?). The remainder of the schedule is weak, though, so hopefully we can (finally) start scoring some style points. Or, I dunno, USC just beat Tennessee so maybe they’ll be ranked because #SEC.

I actually don’t have a huge problem with ranking A&M over an unbeaten UW, because man, the SEC, especially the SEC East, looks not that great, but the Pac-12 looks awful (as does the Big 12).

Bama is pretty much a lock, now. Yeah, they might lose a game, but if they lose to LSU or something, you think they fall out of the top 4? Unlikely. If they lose one, they probably only fall to 4 or 5 and are back in the playoffs before the end of the season. Yep, it’ll take two losses to knock Bama out of the playoffs.

Anyways, now that we have rankings, begin the hot takes! This take was so hot it came out before the rankings even came out! Apparently failed coach Rick Neuheisel thinks UW has been very impressive and deserves to be in the Top 3. Ok, but who the hell have they beaten? Thanks, come again.

Happy belated Halloween folks. The Clemson D-line went as the power rangers:

No one wanted to be the Yellow Ranger? C’mon now.

Finally, Nate Silver vanity project 538 dabbles in sports sometimes and they have this nifty, though probably not very accurate college football prediction tool where you can easily see how each team’s percentage chance of winning it all changes as you pose hypotheticals to it. Check it out to see what I’m talking about.