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The Pawcast’s FSU Game Recap Show

The Pawcast broke down Clemson’s 8th win over Florida State

Clemson v Florida State Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

The Clemson Tigers secured a 37-34 victory over the Florida State Seminoles on Saturday, through a combination of relentless QB pressure on D, superlative special teams play (and subsequent red-zone paydirt and field-position edge), and a clutch if at times imperfect passing game performance, led by cooler-than-Freddie-Jackson-sippin-a-milkshake-in-a-snowstorm QB Deshaun Watson.

We hope everyone had a chance to savor this victory, and celebrate what it means for this team’s prospects this year, and for the bigger picture of this program.

Ancillary to the on-field result, this game posed a number of questions:

  • Did this victory signify a changing of the guard atop the ACC Atlantic (and to what degree was Jimbo Fisher dodging this idea with his fine-worthy rant)?
  • Does Clemson pose the most legitimate threat to the Alabama Crimson Tide’s title defense?
  • Are Clemson’s perceived weak spots (turnovers, The Big Play, inconsistent rushing offense, deep ball inaccuracy) enough to spoil an otherwise excellent season as competition ratchets up?
  • How many more games will the Tennessee Volunteers lose to less talented foes?

We’ll look to address these in a future show, but would love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

Next up, Syracuse. If only we had strong feelings about them...

Enjoy the show!

Time Marks:

  • 00:42 Initial Reactions
  • 9:30 Jimbo flies off the handle
  • 17:22 Clemson Offense: adjusting to the adjustments
  • 37:30 Clemson Defense: big plays, living in the Noles’ backfield
  • 51:50 Final Thoughts
  • 56:00 Around CFB / playoff pecking order