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STS Prediction Contest - Week 11 Results

Team Chaos took over college football this week. And, at long last we have a new leader in the STS Prediction Contest! Here are your Week 11 results.

Pittsburgh v Clemson Photo by Tyler Smith/Getty Images

Week 11 Matchups

Actual score: 43-42 Pitt

My pick: 42-13 Clemson

Well hey, I nailed the Clemson score? Clemson lost this game for a few reasons. Obviously Deshaun threw a terrible, terrible interception near the end of the game. You can’t make a throw like that when your team is up by 1 score and in range for an easy FG to make it a 2 score game. I don’t really see any justification for doing that. Throw the ball away if it’s not there.

I completely support the decision to try to convert on 4th and short instead of kicking a 53 yard FG. Poor execution (and playcalling) snuffed out Clemson’s attempt to ice the game. We had 3rd and 1 or 3rd and 2 and couldn’t convert for the game.

Pitt basically exploited the weaknesses of our defense that have been previously discussed. Our linebackers are exposed in coverage. Our secondary draws a lot of PI calls (justified or not). And our defense is very aggressive such that the little shovel pass to the tight end that Pitt did got the defense to over-commit to the rush and leave lots of room for basically a little screen pass.

Team Chaos took down Clemson, but Clemson didn’t go down alone. Thanks to Michigan and Washington also losing, the way to the playoff still basically lies in Clemson’s hands. If Clemson wins out, there’s no reason why Clemson should not be in the playoffs.

The most recent AP poll put Clemson 5th and Louisville 3rd. That’s ridiculous and will encourage people to run up the score. Louisville has beaten TWO FBS teams with a winning record. Clemson has beaten FIVE AND has the head-to-head win over Louisville. Please. Hopefully the committee is a bit smarter than the media voters. Even if they’re not, there’s room now for both Clemson and Louisville anyways, though it will take some more #chaos to have happen, I think.

Actual score: 38-10 LSU

My pick: 28-20 LSU

The margin of victory might have been surprising, but I think most of us knew that LSU is a much better team. Arkansas is always going to be that middling spoiler in the SEC.

Actual score: 24-17 Nebraska

My pick: 28-21 Minnesota

Hey at least Minnesota was up at halftime. Not only does undefeated Clemson go down, the upset special finally missed a pick. What a terrible week.

Actual score: 35-20 NC State

My pick: 38-31 NC State

Poor Syracuse. I thought they were supposed to have some nifty home field advantage.

Actual score: 42-40 Navy

My pick: 38-35 Navy

At least one team that scored 42 points managed to win their game.


Here are the overall top scorers after 11 weeks:

Congratulations to BYOG for taking over the top spot!

Week 11 top scores:

The average score this week was 20.00

You can access the full standings and results here.